For ages and ages I’ve been on the lookout for one of those wicker picnic baskets – you know, the old-fashioned type?  I’d seen a few around, but they were either uglycheap, or super $$$.

Little did I know that that the perfect one had been hiding in my awesome mother-in-law’s basement.*

Isn’t it lovely!  It had been sitting, hidden in the dark, for over three decades.  Just waiting for me to come along and love it 🙂

The basket also comes with this:

“in four beautiful plastic colors!” 😀

(no pictures of the individual plates &etc., but they’re supercute – great vintage colors!)

And this:

So cheerful!  And metal-y! And happy! And cute!

I plan on drinking cheap wine out of those mugs, and eating hummus off those plates.  Since you asked.

I know you didn’t ask.  But I know you care.

I wasn’t a huge fan of yellow before.  I felt pretty neutral to it, as a color.

But now I adore it.

I mean, how could you resist?

The plan for this weekend is to *finally* (hopefully) make it to the Saturday night showing of Hamlet at The Shakespeare Festival; Jeff still hasn’t been this season and I don’t want him to miss out!  And our lovely new picnic basket will definitely be accompanying us 🙂

Thank you so much, Linda!


*No, she doesn’t have a million dollars hiding in there.  Or the holy grail.  Or Jimmy Hoffa.  I asked.


14 responses to “Pickynick

  1. That is adorable! Please stay away from the bears, okay?

  2. Can you get it on the bike somehow? OMG! Wouldn’t that be awesome – to take the bikes on a picnic!

  3. I am yellow with envy. YELLOW. This stuff is simply gorgeous. My 1950’s kitchen is salivating…

  4. Oh the cuteness! Lucky girl!

  5. OMG, we my mother gave me that same cherished picnic basket. I have coveted it since childhood!

  6. Oh amazing! That basket! Those plastic dishes! AND MOST OF ALL. That yellow set! Oh wow oh wow. i love love love love love the yellow dishes. I wouldn’t hope to ever find something so lovely and in such great shape. Like i wish I could whip you up the perfect blue and yellow picnic blanket to go with them. And give you daisies.

  7. What a great find. I adore the basket and the yellow dishes–the salt and pepper shakers are amazing.

  8. …………..droooling in ohio……………………
    (now you wanna borrow my cake carrier, don’cha???)
    what vintage piece of scrap material or lace are you going to line it with – just so-with the edge peeping out?

  9. Mom and Dad Hoops

    Glad the picnic basket will finally have a life!

  10. What a great find. I adore the basket and the yellow dishes–the salt and pepper shakers are amazing.

  11. That’s a great find! Vintage is so much more fun when it comes from family. I’m totally imagining that tied down to the back rack of a bike 🙂

    • Hopefully soon it won’t just be imagination! 😀 If/when I get my new bike, I’ll be sure to take a picture of it on the rack for you 🙂

  12. I think you hit paydirt in the mother in law department. These are such great treasures!

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