Time for a garden update!

Overall I really continue to be pleased with how well it’s going (relatively), even though there’s still a loooooooootttttt of room for improvement.  But I consider this to be a learning process, and I already have several different ideas for next year!

I bought some of this at the garden center a couple weeks back:

And I’m amazed at how effective it is! In just a couple weeks my plants have gone from sad and droopy, to happy and full and fruitful!  I would marry this stuff, if it didn’t smell like absolute hell.

Behold, the wonders of the plant food…

First up – the big tomato:

He’s really getting tall!

And look!

Hi beebees! I love you!  Grow big and strong for Mama, ok?

(I hope they listen to me)

And what do we have here?

Another one! I may get three whole tomatoes from my happy baby plant!  I’m SO excited!  (Though I mustn’t count my chickens before they hatch, eh?)

I’ve also got another tomato plant now; I had given a co-worker three of my many pepper plants and he returned the pot with a roma tomato plant in it! 🙂

(why I didn’t remove that icky weed before the photo, I’ll never know.  But it’s gone now.)

That guy needs to be repotted, I know.  And I have just the solution!

For you see, friends, here are my WHATTHEFUCKS?!.  Err…I mean my romaine lettuces:

Now I’m no expert, but I don’t think that lettuces are supposed to look like this!

Gah.  Grotesque!

(is lettuce supposed to have crazy stalks like this?)

The other pots are a bit better (but not much):

What the heck happened?  And how to I make it NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN?

Anyway, I’m about to cut my losses on these – I may pull off a few leaves and make a nice salad, but the rest, I just… ::shudder::

Or am I completely wrong? Is this totally normal?  Teach me, master(s)!

When those monstrosities are gone, I’ll move the little roma tomato plant into one of the big round lettuce pots 🙂

My peppers are doing pretty well, too:

(the other three plants – not pictured – look much the same)

And lookee!

A BABY PEPPER! I’m so proud of it! I love it.  It’s my favorite.

ALSO, since Saturday (when I took these photos) I’ve had three or four more babies appear.  Little dearies – I cannot wait for them to grow big and strong so I may sautee them with onion and garlic and eat them!


The basil is starting to get all freakytall, too:

From what I can tell, I think this is more normal.  But I’m not sure if the freakytall part will ever sprout “real” leaves, and if so, if they’re edible?

They’re interesting to look at, if nothing else!

As always, I really really really (xbajillionty) appreciate any advice/help you all can provide.  With awesome readers like you, I may not ever have to buy a gardening book!*


*OK that’s a lie. Any excuse for a new book or ten! 😀


10 responses to “Garden-ish

  1. I think your lettuces grew like that because they are plantedtooclosetogether. Also, you need to pinch off those basil plants where the bloom stalk begins. Don’t let them do that again.

    Please send tomatoes and peppers home to me. Quality testing, you know. Thanks.

    I think your garden is doing well! Your tomato recovered from its illness of yellow leaves, didn’t it?

  2. That lettuce made me say…uh, whut? I only grow leaf lettuce (for now) so I’m not sure how head lettuce is supposed to grow, but I’m pretty sure not like that. Are you sure that’s lettuce? Maybe the container was mislabled?

    It is probably too hot for lettuce anyway. Lettuce doesn’t do well in hot weather. It gets bitter. Maybe try leaf lettuce in the fall? Sprinkle a bunch of seeds in a pot. When they grow up a little bit then them out to a 1 plant every few inches. Eat the thinnings. Cut the leaves off above the base when you want to eat the rest of the plants. New leaves will grow in their place 3 times and then they die.

    Pick that tall part with the small leaves off your basil right now. I almost said ‘right effing now’ but thought that might be rude, especially if you don’t feel the same way about basil that I do. That stalky/freaky part is the bloom of the plant. Once it blooms it goes to seed and that’s the end of your basil. If you pinch it off then it will keep making leaves until it gets cold, which is a good thing.

  3. P.S. Peppers! Tomatoes! So cute!

  4. I have romaine, but maybe it’s just the kind that grows in nice leaves. I’ve never had stalk lettuce! My romas aren’t growing yet, but my garden definitely went insane after I added the organic fertilizers!

  5. I don’t know anything about lettuce, but for the basil, go ahead and pinch off the blooms. This will make the basil plant grow more leaves. If you wash the blooms off well, you can combine them with some basil leaves to make pesto. Yum 🙂

  6. I concur with the gardeners above on all items. What your lettuce is doing is called “bolting.” It has nothing to do with nuts and bolts, so don’t bring your tool kit up from the basement. It won’t help. What will help (in the fall or next spring) is to plant lettuce from seeds and then harvest before it gets hot. Your lettuce plant is trying to make lettuce seed, which is the destiny of lettuce plants. (Say “OMMMMMM”) But when the plant is making seeds the leaves turn bitter and tough. Throw them away. The Romaine lettuces you buy in the store are grown in huge fields where they are irrigated and cultivated and then harvested long before they think about sending up seed stalks. A side note, my parents tell me that they intentionally let their lettuce bolt after they are done enjoying it in the spring time. The lettuce seeds drop to the ground, and with no additional effort my parents harvest a fall crop of “volunteer” lettuce.

  7. Your garden is looking a lot better than mine this year. I think you’re past your chance to eat any tasty lettuce. It would be bitter at this point…might as well let it flower or just pitch it. Pinch off the basil flowers and all will be well.

  8. when you pinch the basil, don’t forget to smell your fingers.

  9. Yeah, bolting lettuce. Some of my spinach started doing that, too – although I was lucky and happened to be walking by juuuuust as it started. And I said, “holy crud, what is it DOING?!” and then I picked it and ate it literally while on the computer Googling “why is my spinach suddenly all tall and some junk?” and it was still yummy.

    GUESS WHAT ELSE?! I use that same exact fertilizer – very sparingly because I’m a) cheap and b) trying to become much better at making my own compost and such AND c) I have been told if I over-fertilize, the aphids will become Biblical-plague around here. (Apparently “too much” nitrogen in the plants is like hanging out a “free ice cream” sign written in Aphid.)

    Your garden is looking gorgeous. And isn’t it the most fun learning process ever?!

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