Nothing “alter” about it

Today, I would like you to meet Cait.

Cait is quite glamorous, you see.

It’s all in the carefully-arranged-“messy” updo, and the expensive jewels.  And the sunglasses.  Cait always wears sunglasses.

Cait is a celebrity.  We’ve not yet determined exactly what she’s famous for, but we’re sure it’s something glamorous.

But Cait is also rather shy and reserved.  Probably because she meets so few people who are worthy of her company.

In fact, Cait can seem rather standoffish at times.  But don’t take it personally – it’s just that you suck, and are unworthy of her time.

In fact, after just a few photos, Cait was done with me! I was banished from her presence.

I don’t even know what I did to piss her off.  Probably because put Splenda in her tea, rather than sugar.  (“Are you calling me FAT?!” she screeched)

Cait’s a real pain in the ass, let me tell you.  I’m glad I’m nothing like her.


PS> And her stupid duckface can go screw itself.


2 responses to “Nothing “alter” about it

  1. Two words: Molly Ringwald.

  2. yikes~~~here’s hoping Jeff never has to meet her…

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