Friday Favorites – 6/26/10

Unexpected things which are making Americans fat.  I cannot help but notice that “eating and exercising moderately” are absent from the list.

Funny ’cause it’s true.

With a name like “buttermilk pie bars” it’s gotta be healthy, right?

Crazy feminist homebirthing rant o’ the week.  I love it.


Vegan goodness!

Great compilation from FreeRangeKids.

It’s about freaking time!

Delicious and simple – why didn’t I ever think of this?

So eerie.

I fail to see the fail.

I *adore* Kate’s new window birds – and now I need my own! 😀

Lemon cardamom chai cupcakes.  No further persuasion necessary.

Upcycling at its finest.

Now I want to move to a transition town.  Perfection? I think so.

Love this house.

I have glasses – what does that make me?

I…there…uh….no words.

Great thank-you note from Johnny Depp, here.


Hey mainstream media!

great new blog  – Simply Bike!  From S. at Academichic 🙂

It’s a very food-linky week, but how could I resist sharing chicken satay?

OK one more – portobello risotto.  NOW I’m done 😀

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