Oh crap does that say “THIRVE?!”

Fresh ink.

Such a rough, late-night blurry bathroom photo (the ink was only 2 hours old at this point!), but you get the idea.

Here it was just moments after completion:

For a better idea of the color (though that’s darkening up a lot, too – but the blue-y purple here is more accurate than the red-y purple in the other photos).  We later went through and darkened up some of the greens and re-traced the word, so it looks a bit different, too.

This morning it’s still swollen, though that’s going down.  Redness (especially around purple “trail”) is almost completely gone.  Ink is settling into my skin very nicely.

Not looking forward to the itchy phase.

No, I mean *REALLY* not looking forward to the itchy phase.

That’s a grape hyacinth, the perennial (or is it annual? whichever means “comes back every year”) that my grandma has in her yard – when I was a kid I would always pick bunches of them and sit them in peanut butter jars on all her windowsills 🙂  The word “Thrive” is in my mom’s handwriting, as a reminder from her, to me – don’t just survive, but thrive.  I love the fluidity of the leaves and surrounding lines – that’s all Nate’s work.    And the little purple trail? Totally improvised, pen-in-hand.  I adore it all! 🙂

The initial idea was by me, but Nate at Allstar Tattoo made it into a real *design* .  I couldn’t be happier with the tattoo, and with Nate’s skill (and friendliness – I had a great time talking with him as he jabbed needles into my arm over and over and over)!  I’m really looking forward to working with him again 🙂

The adrenaline rush when I got home was crazy.  And fun.  Stef, Jeff and my mom can attest – I was kinda nuts on the phone 😀

I love it!

PS>I think I’m developing this perverse happy positive association with the smell of A&D ointment.

PPS>My rules have come through for me, once again!


8:00pm update –

I took new pics when I got home from work this afternoon! Color is super-accurate below:

You can also see it’s starting to look a little rough, as it heals.  I’m taking good care of it:  A+D ointment twice a day, with a light washing (gentle natural soap) and plenty of unscented, gentle lotion every few hours.  Hydration is key! 🙂

BTW, now “Focus” looks really puny in comparison:

Nate and I have talked about how we’ll round that one out, hopefully sooner rather than later 🙂  Big plans!

11 responses to “Oh crap does that say “THIRVE?!”

  1. LOVE IT!

  2. It looks so Awesome! I can’t wait until i earn my next one!

  3. Squeeee! I love it! Now I want to get another one.

  4. it looks lovely! i love the idea of mom’s handwriting. 🙂

  5. Oh, new ink! It looks great!

    I’m a little jealous. It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve gotten a new one, and I’m saving up to start my 3/4 back-piece. The waiting is tough!

    I remember the adrenaline rush, though. Intense!! And it lasts for days!!

    Congrats on the new piece 🙂

  6. I like it! Wrist tattoos always look so awesome. I love that you used your mom’s handwriting.

  7. Not into them at all, but love the significance of it all, without actually writing ‘mom’ or ‘granny’ on your arm.

  8. awww i LOVE your tattoo, soo cute! and it says thrive, not thirve, don’t worry!

  9. I hope you have every bit of advice I’ve given you tattooed on your body. You need to start gaining weight now. I’d like proof that you were actually listening.

  10. pretty!! its the perfect tattoo…great place to put it, reminds you of someone who loves you, and motivates you to be your best self. Good work!! 🙂

  11. Although I don’t like tattoos and think they’re body graffiti…. this is really pretty and very ‘you’ :)! Approve (for this instance only ;))!

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