Friday Favorites – 7/2/10

Adding a potting station like this to my “dream home” list! 🙂 (love the DIY, too!)

How could I have never noticed the resemblance before?

::contented sigh::

New favorite .gif?  I think so.

I *still* wish I was Canadian.  Canada, will you have me?

Not my momma, but it’s her style.

Oh, Franklin.  <3.

This tote bag would be a brilliant gift for the knitter in your life.

Great post for the city-dwellers 🙂

Mirthful chortle.

GORGEOUS.  Can I have a house with 30 staircases?

Color explosion!

This makes me sad.

The yarn diet…it’s contagious!  (but with a newly-fattened stash like that, it sure seems reasonable :-D)

Not sure why this amused me so.

Pillow cookies?  Never heard of ’em, must try them!

Hippie-eco-goddess inspiration.

All together now!  “Awww……..!!!

Further proof for my theory that you can do anything with Star Wars.

Yum!  Shrimp and asparagus risotto!

Love the pattern, love the color, love the SQUEE! factor, love it all.

Scary for all us Potter peeps.

“Puppy needs them.”


One response to “Friday Favorites – 7/2/10

  1. Your momma has a style? I did not know that.

    BTW, I’m making those pillow cookies for you tomorrow . Too bad you won’t be here to eat them.

    I agree; one of your better link collections.

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