I am utterly, ridiculously in love with this little beastie.

Have you ever seen a more photogenic cat?

With a cuter little nosie and toesies?

He’s my little cuddlebutt, even though Jeff is by *far* his favorite.


You are dismissed.

i said GO AWAY.  iz napstime.

‘Scuse him.  Little asshole.

2 responses to “Smitten

  1. I can haz kitteh, pleaz?

  2. you are so funny. asshole. reminds me when we tried to give my girlfriend’s dog some beer, and we called her…ahhhso friendly (her name was friendly btw) so we were calling, ‘come here, ahhhso friendly’ (the ahhhso was just big baby talk in a high pitched voice), and she’d come running, wagging her tail and shaking all over so we started calling ” ahhhso asshole” yep still wagging and shaking. Never did drink the beer. ***I was stupid 16 at the time, I’d never do that now**

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