The Knitting Test

Ever wonder just how much of a Knitter you are?  Ever wish for an end-all-be-all objective test of Knitterlyness?

Wait no longer.


1)You are minding your own business, knitting away on your morning commute (hopefully not driving), when all of a sudden you notice a mis-crossed cable just a few rows down in your work!  What do you do?

a)Put the knitting away ’till you get home and can consult Ravelry for help.

b)Carefully tink back to the mis-crossed cable, redo it, then work forward.

c)Using only the project needles (who knows what happened to your crochet hook anyway?), you remove the errant stitches, drop down below the mis-crossed cable, and re-work correctly.

d)”It’s a design element, dammit”.

2)You’re at the movie theater, in the middle of a film, working on a simple stockinette sock, when all of a sudden your fingers detect a dropped stitch within the gusset decreases.  What do you do?

a)Fling the whole project onto the soda-sticky theater floor and engross yourself in the movie.

b)Thread your darning needle through the dropped stitch and make a mental note to take care of it when weaving in the ends.

c)Whip out your tiny little flashlight, hunch over in your seat, and surreptitiously fix the error.

d)Who knits in the movie theater?

3)You’re stuck in a doctor’s office waiting room for hours, and somehow you’re armed only with a pack of gum, a hank of sportweight cotton and three US #10 DPN’s.  What do you do?

a)Desperately gaze about for another, more well-prepared knitter who might lend you more appropriate needles, yarn, or both.

b)Sob abjectly.

c)Use the gum pack as a nostepinne to wind the hank into a center-pull cake.  Jam one DPN into your hair for a makeshift bun; use the remaining two to knit an open, drapey mesh lace scarf that looks a lot more difficult than it really was.

d)Read magazines, watch the muted TV, people-watch.

4)You’re traveling, and SURPRISE! A yarn store!  You decide to go in and look around, but surprise – you’ve left your yarny “shopping list” at home.  Can’t leave empty-handed – so what do you buy?

a)Hmmm…maybe a skein of Cascade 220?

b)Sock yarn.  Can’t go wrong with sock yarn.

c)A lovely hank of handdyed worsted from an indie dyer, some squishy alpaca, a couple balls of Trekking in an interesting colorway, a project bag placed temptingly by the register, a ladybug-shaped measuring tape and a couple sets of needles so you can cast on RIGHTNOW.

d)Nothing.  But it was lovely stopping in!

5)At your LYS, you see a struggling new knitter, and want to encourage her.  What do you do?

a)Settle down next to her and commiserate about the difficulty of manipulating a cable needle or adding a lifeline

b)Smile reassuringly, but leave her alone.  Trial and error is the only way to learn!  And besides, there are helpful-looking employees around.

c)Oh-so-casually flash the handspun Pi shawl draped over your shoulders and Vintage socks on your feet.  Give her something to aspire to.

d)Walk away.


If you answered…

Mostly A’s: You’re a casual knitter.  Get with the program!

Mostly B’s: You’re what muggles would call a “normal” knitter.  You enjoy it but don’t flaunt it.  You can stop anytime you want.

Mostly C’s: You have a problem, all right.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mostly D’s: Do you even knit?


So….how hardcore are ya, anyway?


3 responses to “The Knitting Test

  1. Hahaha. If I would’ve taken this a year ago, I would’ve been mostly A’s. But, yeah. D’s. Mostly D’s. Hahaha.

    So did you answer ALL C’S?!?!

  2. Hmm, I’m apparently a “normal knitter” but how would that explain this phone conversation this morning?

    Me: well, I have to confess, I did something terrible last night.

    Mom: Hmm, and what might that have been.

    Me: Well, remember how I vowed to not cast on for that rotini scarf we BOTH bought yarn for yesterday until I finished at least ONE sock of my current project?

    Mom: uh oh

    Me: Yeah, I started it. I couldn’t deny it, it wasn’t just calling to me, it was yelling! and doing jumping jacks! and heckling! So I snuck off upstairs and started it, but Jay found me hiding in the playroom and called me weak.

    Mom: Yeah, I started mine too, addictive isn’t it?

    Me: Totally, it curls! And Noro, who can resist that?!

    Something about the whole exchange just doesn’t sound “normal” to me.

  3. Mostly Cs…hehe

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