I just left a comment on a friend’s blog, and where it said “Name” I started to type “Stef….” before I realized that it meant *my* name, not *her* name.  Am I totally new to this Intartubes thing?  Apparently.

Jeffquote o’ the day, last night while watching HP4 (yeah I Tweeted this too):  “‘Binding magical contract’?!”  He just doesn’t have a good enough lawyer.”

I tried kefir for the first time yesterday.  It was good; it tasted like melted tart FroYo.

I also had tart FroYo last night.  Non-melted.  Delicious.

My garden has one tomato that’s starting to look reddish!  And another that is green!  And blossoms for about 40 billion peppers!

I worked ’till after 7:00 last night.  Downtown St. Louis early on a Friday evening is a ghost town.  Surreal.

I love when you reach that point with someone that you can just glance at them in conversation and they’ll know that you’re referencing an inside joke.

Othello is an asshole who spends too much time pestering me and knocking shit off assorted tables, counters, and shelves.  Who wants a cat?

And now, I go…for crafting and movie-watching and other necessary Saturday relaxing.


One response to “Medley

  1. I think we’d be those 2 that just look at each other… it’s a great feeling :)! Miss you… feel like I haven’t been around and haven’t heard from you in forever! Your half way thru summer w/out Jeff and making it… YAY :)! Love!

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