Friday Favorites – 7/16/10

I’m on board!

I never knew I was missing this in my life.  But now I know.  And I need one.


Domestic eye candy.

WOW – amazing white ink tattoo!

Scroll slowly.  And adore.

It does! It does!

Cuteness.  Must knit.

More unbearably cute baby knits.

Poor Sinclair.

This wins the whole Internet.  WINS.

Best of:  my life.


My favorite Regresty post ever.


3 responses to “Friday Favorites – 7/16/10

  1. Please use the key pad on the garage the next time you come home. We had a swinging bed installed on the porch today and now the front door is not able to be used. Buuuuuuuttttt, it’s worth it. Dad’s out there right now, and I will be soon. Sunrise with the neighbors!

  2. Moon’s out tonight. Just sayin’.

  3. Oh wow. If i ever get a tatoo it’ll have to be white ink. That’s LOVELY.

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