As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll soon be changing jobs.  Part of this transition inevitably involves clearing out my hard drive here at my old job and sorting out all the random crap that I’ve accumulated these past two years.

And because I love you all SO MUCH, I’m going to share that crap with you.

Crap like this:

My 1,111th tweet!  Quite an achievement, clearly.

Speaking of Twitter…

(thanks, Rachel and Mandi.  This made my day!)

And a mildly entertaining cartoon that closely mirrors my own life experiences:

Actually, I think this may have gotten its own post at one point…

I took this picture:

It was my wallpaper for a long time.

I have no idea:

I didn’t take that.  I don’t know who took it.  And I especially have no idea why I liked it well enough to save. In fact, I’m probably going to delete it now.  Unless someone can tell me why I had it in the first place?  (EDIT!!!  I REMEMBER!!!!  IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE INCENSE STICK IN THE ROCK!!!!!!  Whew.  Glad we sorted that out.)

On a similarly mysterious note, can anybody tell me why I have a picture of a generic blue binder?

No, really. Why?  I nominate this for “most boring photo in the history of ever”.  And I dare you to find something worse.  DARE. YOU.

Are you ready for something even more mysterious?

What the heck, Amazon?  Are you SERIOUS?!  Did my mother put you up to this?

I’ve always loved this picture, and one day several months back I spent *way too long* trying to locate it on Teh Intartubes.  So when I found it, I saved it.

(Wow good story, Kate.  You should take that one on the road!)

Vaguely entertaining grammar fail:

::wipes away mirthful tear::  Hoo hoo….heehee…oh…man.  Good one, Spellcheck.  You dirty grammmar-failin’ bastard.

I saved this photo found here, because it makes me happy in my heart:

Does it make you happy in your heart too?

I always like it when people post perfect screenshots, because then I can snoop at their other tabs.

Snoop away, friends.  (btw that website seems to be gone/down now.  Sadness.)

And with that, I bid you adieu.*  For today.  Or maybe just ’till tonight.

*Pet peeve o’ the day:  When people spell it “ado.”  Learn the difference, dammit!


3 responses to “Unloading

  1. Your picture of dahlias is gorgeous!

  2. This gave me a good laugh. Thanks.

    (btw, my MIL is coming to visit on MONDAY. Means I have 5 days to make the house presentable. Go figure. I think it’s because I told YOU I wanted her to visit.)

  3. That big dog ate the little girl five minutes after the picture was taken. Did you know that? That’s why I don’t want the Hooplings around big dogs. Look for baby safety offers from Amazon coming your way soon.

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