Speed racer!

My friends, I have finally done it.

I’ve won the race, and I’ve finally accomplished a goal that has been foremost on my mind for nigh upon 15 years.

I’ve competed against at least half a dozen different ovens, with all manner of tools at the ready, and I’ve finally done it:

I can make cookie dough faster than my oven can pre-heat.*

Behold, last night:

(when the “preheat” light goes off, the oven is hot.)

And one batch of completed cookie dough:

(No chocolate chips in yet; I stir those in last by hand)

And do you know what I have to thank for this accomplishment?

Of course:

I couldn’t have done it without my trusty KitchenAid.   I adore it.  I want to jump up on Oprah’s couch and shout  “I LOVE THIS MIXER!!!!!”

And wanna know what else?

The resultant cookies aren’t half-bad, either.**

They’re real, and you’d never know I made ’em in less time than it takes some people to break ‘n bake (blech!).


*Magnitude of accomplishment is entirely subjective.

**Even if the photography is.  Hey, it was 10:30pm.


4 responses to “Speed racer!

  1. gasp, is that a steel gray coloured mixer? I love the gray ones the most. and those cookies don’t look bad either.

  2. You know what makes me happy? This quote:

    “I want to jump up on Oprah’s couch and shout ‘I LOVE THIS MIXER!!!!!'”

    I love my KitchenAid, too, but I don’t have counter space for it to live on, so it sits rather unused. You are inspiring me to change that because I love to bake. Once the oven is fixed…

  3. Welcome, sister, to the club! Next, you have to wander off because the oven isn’t ready, leaving the dough in the bowl on the counter on a hot summer day, and then come back and realize you have to wait EVEN MORE because the dough needs to go into the fridge for a bit to return to solid form.

    The Internet may be involved. (It’s been involved almost every single time I’ve done something like that, anyway.)

    My KitchenAid is my best friend. I can’t imagine life without it. Well. That’s a total lie. I can. I just don’t wanna. Woot!!

  4. oh those look soooooooo good!!! i’m eating plain icecream and could soooo go for some real homemade cookies!! YUMMMMMM

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