Friday Favorites – 7/23/10

My cats study this nightly.

Scary.  I can tell already I’ll be a free-range parent.

Alright, it’s official, I’m starting a plate wall.

Oooh a bike cupholder?  WANT!

Prufrock FTW! (that has always been one of my favorite poems.)

I love the *feel* of this house – it’s perfect!

I have blueberries, and I have cream cheese…

Gorgeous new ink.  I love the personal meaning!

Delicious-sounding raspberry brown sugar gratin.  YUM!

Hyperbole and a Half is my new favorite.

Moonlight ramble?  Awesome!  Too bad we’ll be out of town that weekend… 😦

…but most of all, today’s favorite is JEFF IS HOME!  Or, he will be in about an hour, anyway.  Happy weekend!

3 responses to “Friday Favorites – 7/23/10

  1. Oh my gosh. Thanks for sharing the link to that blueberry cream cheese goodness!

  2. cute stuff.

  3. “I temporarily forgot where the door was and began pinging around the house like a gnat on meth. ”
    This pretty much describes you every day that you lived at home. Yup.

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