I was birthday gift shopping downtown for Jeff earlier this week, and somehow (I know I’m not the only one this ever happens to, right?) managed to find a gift for myself in the process.

I’m so easy to shop for!  That’s the problem.

My “Kate is awesome” gift-to-self:

All together, now!  “Ooooooh!  Aaaahhh!”

These photos don’t really capture it, but that’s a lovely, milky, yellow-green, very faintly iridescent glass.  It almost looks like it should glow in the dark (though, alas, it does not.  I tried.)

It’s very petite – just the right size to add to my dresser-top collection of jewelry holders 🙂

But here’s where the mystery comes in – the bottom of the bowl says it’s Murano, but the guy in the shop couldn’t tell me anything more specific than that.  My extensive* Internet research doesn’t turn up anything likely, either (though it does reveal many other beautiful pieces!**).

In fact, many of the results are actually misidentified Carnival glass which is not Murano.  Though it is lovely and I do have several pieces of that as well.   My other thought was that it might be Italian milk glass, but that doesn’t bring up any similar-looking contenders, either.

So here’s my question to you all – any Murano glass experts out there?  Is there a name for my particular specimen of loveliness? Because otherwise I’m just gonna call it “wish-it-would-glow-in-the-dark glass”.

And if you’re in St. Louis and love this stuff as much as I do, check it out at either of Salt of The Earth‘s locations – downtown or in Webster.  I’ve emailed them looking for more info on this bowl, and am hoping they’ll get back to me soon!


*Read: 5 minutes

**And some not-so-beautiful ones.  Gah!


3 responses to “Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny!

  1. Carnival, and I think there are different shades of it too. All that really matters is that you love it. I love you too, kitty.

  2. Shiiiney! Preeeetty!

  3. I found your site searching for some random Murano info, so I figured I would help. The pattern is called battuto, similar to fish scales. The glass isn’t milk glass (lattimo), as it isn’t opaque white, but possibly opalino.

    If there is a signature, you can compare it against the Murano label and signature library here:

    Yalso Casa comes to mind as a possible contemporary mfr, but its just a guess.

    Good Luck!

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