Holy crap, y’all.

I usually try to resist the “woe is me, my life sucks, nothing ever goes my way” stuff, but I’m as guilty as anybody else – sometimes that stuff just seeps through.  Sometimes I only blog a handful of times in a two-week period.  Sometimes I eat plain tortilla chips and 1/2 a pitcher of orange juice for dinner.  Sometimes I stare morosely at Roxie’s nose freckles for hours at a time.  Sometimes I do all of those things at once and then LOOK OUT WORLD.  Señorita Mopey is on the loose!

And sometimes?  Sometimes it’s the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Take right now, for instance – I’m really floating on cloud nine.

Good Thing #1:  My husband came home from his big adventure!  For good!!  And I’m never letting him leave ever ever again!

Good Thing #2:  We ordered my new bike!  I just got the call – it should be in and ready for pickup by Thursday or Friday.  Should I make a mini paper chain?

Good Thing #3:  New ink is forthcoming!  And then – I promise, Mom – I’m done for a long time.  Probably.  Depends on what you mean by “long”.

Good Thing #4:  Raspberry-colored patent leather makes everything better.

Good Thing #5:  But when in doubt, always schedule a Kansas City shopping trip with a good friend 🙂

Good Thing #6:  Jeff requested one of my quickly-becoming-famous chocolate cheesecakes for his birthday, and there’s still a sliver in the fridge at home, waiting for me to NOM tonight.

Good Thing #7:  I am SO CLOSE to being done with that Featherweight Cardi!  Which is good because I’ve been working on it off-and-on since MARCH.  Though the only way to get closer is to actually knit on the darned thing.  So tonight I shall knit-knit-knit like the knittingest knitter that ever knitted.

Good Thing #8:  My mom is in Minnesota at all my favorite spots.  I haz a jealous.  And a yarn lust.  I hope she brings me some!

Good Thing #9:  Wozziebaby is so cute.  And sweet.  And loving.  Her granddad is her favorite.

Good Thing #10:  It was great having everybody – Jeff’s parents, his sister, my dad – over on Saturday for JEFF’S BIRTHDAY!  He continues to be astoundingly old. MUCH older than me.

And because 10 Good Things just aren’t enough…

Good Thing #11:  WILL BE A SURPRISE.*

What’s going well for you today?


*But no, it’s not the one I know you all suspect – NO HOOPLINGS!


6 responses to “I. AM. SO. EXCITED.

  1. Yay for awesomeness! Can’t wait to see the new bike.

  2. wow, sounds like lots of exciting things happening for you!!!

  3. ooo i look forward to the surprise.

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  5. Playing with Yarn is such a great shop!

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