Good Thing #3, Expanded

Remember how I blogged about all those good things the other day?

One – #3 – has come to fruition 🙂

Last night I had another appointment with the always-fantastic Nate at All-Star Tattoo, to have “Thrive” touched up and have “Focus” fixed.

There wasn’t much work to be done on “Thrive“, just a couple lines that didn’t quite meet and one wobbly little bit on a leaf.  Took all of 2 minutes, then a smear of cream and it was good to go.

“Focus”, however, took just a bit more work.

I’d approached “Focus” with an open mind – I knew that I needed that icky old henna color to disappear (much as I had liked it initially, it had faded a ridiculous amount in less than two years), and that I wanted bamboo incorporated somehow.  So Nate got out his Sharpie and he sketched on my skin a bit, and we added things and changed things and tried different ideas ’till we came up with something we both liked.

I came home kinda looking like a cutter:

This is what I left with:


(Oh and by the way, these pictures are all going to be dark and yellow and shiny, and we can thank the 10pm photography and A&D cream for that :-))

Here’s the New and Improved “Focus”, in close-up:

It’s hard to see (though you can tell a bit in the 2nd photo), but there’s a little purple trail of dots leading off the end of “Focus”, that’s reminiscent of the trail of dots at the bottom of “Thrive”.  The colors on “Focus” are a bit more vivid, and there’s not as much purple – in fact, the only purple is on the swoopy under the word, and on the dots.  Nate and I are still considering another way to incorporate more purple into that one – perhaps as a shadow or another form at the bottom left area (but if so, what?).  My skin isn’t going anywhere, so I’m not rushing the decision 🙂

So… “Why bamboo, Kate?” you might ask.

Couple reasons.  First, I love how bamboo is strong and resilient and versatile.  I also love its knobby, straight shape – so pretty!  I feel like the straight lines and simple leaves work really well to visually show its resiliency and strength, and how that plays into the meaning of the word “Focus.”

But there’s another reason, too – and I’ll let my dad explain that one:

“Back in 1984 when you were just a gleam, Mom and I went to Disney World.  [Mom] had never been to Florida before and all of the palm trees and other exotic foliage was almost as interesting as the rides and exhibits were.  It so happened that all around the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House were big clumps of bamboo.  Mom had never seen bamboo growing before and was absolutely fascinated by it.  I took several pictures of her standing or sitting in front of the alien greenery.

It wasn’t until she got home and was sitting at her desk at work that she looked out the window of her office and saw. . .a huge clump of bamboo growing right next to the window.”

“Focus” reminds me – don’t forget to look around, don’t lose sight of the obvious 🙂

PS>I’ll post again in a few weeks when they’re all healed up 🙂


5 responses to “Good Thing #3, Expanded

  1. You are awesome! I can’t even decide if I want to get something on my ankle and you’ve already got two done and out on your wrists! LOL. I don’t know why I’m so concerned about my ankle…

    Those are really pretty though. They look as if they go together and compliment eachother very well. LOVE them.

    Now if only I had the ball to actually follow through with mine.

  2. They are gorgeous and I love the personal meaning behind them.

  3. I love that story! I’m just going to stick with Post-its as reminders though, mmmm-k? 🙂

  4. Love the new ink!

  5. Loving the tattoos! The colours look great and the purple trailing dots are a nice touch. Very inspiring!

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