No wonder my back hurts

Every once in a while, that post-everything-in-your-purse-and-tag-[X]-people meme makes the rounds.  I saw it again just a few weeks ago.

I may or may not have been tagged; I don’t remember.

But in any case, as long as I was messing around with “purse stuff” (as a direct result of this goodness from Friday!), I thought I’d go the whole nine yards and show y’all what I haul around with me every day.

Are ya on the edge of your seat, yet?  Good.

One (1) innocuous-looking (though altogether lovely!) purse:

It hides a surprising quantity of stuff, actually:

Inventory is as follows…

Top row:

1 half-cake of sock yarn

1 sock in progress

1 completed sock (for reference.  Who needs a pattern?)

1 pack of Trident gum.

Second row:

1 Levenger True Writer pen, which I’ve had since high school and absolutely adore.  Best pen ever.

1 small tape measure, for measuring stuff.  Comes in handy.

1 blueberry candy container, which is my on-the-go knit stuff.  I’ve got teensy scissors in there, as well as a couple darning needles, stitch markers, and a few lengths of scrap yarn.  Everything else can be improvised as needed 😀

1 ruler, for measuring stuff.  When I don’t want to use the tape measure.  Redundancy much?

1 crappy-ass Phone From Hell, to be chucked from the Eads Bridge at my earliest opportunity.

1 pink iPod Nano in its handknitted cozy.

2 reusable grocery bags, self-contained.

1 wallet.

1 sunglasses case containing (surprise!) sunglasses.

1 set of keys, with assorted frequent buyer cards and just-in-case pepper spray*

Bottom row:

1 flash drive; free giveaway from local law firm recruiting my dear smart beloved husbandmanperson.

1 stack of business cards for my awesome hair stylist and my awesome jewelry stylist, to be handed out on an as-requested basis.

1 crappy little point-and-shoot

1 tub Rosebud lip balm, in “Brambleberry Rose.”  YUM.  (And also? I’ve been using this stuff several times a day for over 6 months, and it’s not even halfway gone.  Best. Investment. Ever.)

2 Band-Aids

2 coffee sleeves.  For sleeve-ing coffee.

3 assorted tea bags, for tea emergencies.

1 Cover Girl pressed powder.

1 almost empty tube of Bath and Body Works Jasmine Vanilla hand creme.  My favorite.

So…did that fulfill your voyeuristic tendencies for the day?


*I hate under-seasoned food.


2 responses to “No wonder my back hurts

  1. I often wonder how on earth someone could actually find enough stuff to carry around to qualify for the need of a large purse. But – I think your items are good to carry and they all make logical sense.

    If I happen to carry my purse somewhere I typically have in it my wallet, my keys, chapstick, phone, and now and then my camera.

  2. I’m impressed! You’ve fit quite a lot in there.

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