Free At Last

Holy crap, y’all.

(Umm…anybody noticed that many of my posts are starting that way lately?)

New bike.  Arrived on Saturday and picked it up that same afternoon.  Have barely gotten off of it since.

I love it.  It is amazing and happiness and sweetness and light.

Need further proof?  Check out this ridiculously goofy grin:

Oh yeah.  That’s all bike, baby.

The Raleigh Calispel i8 is all I ever wanted, and more.

I love that she came to me loaded up with all the goodies – a chain guard that came with, and fenders and a rack added by the experts at Big Shark (with much less time and bloodshed than if I’d attempted the same tasks).  And I got rid of the padded Granny-saddle, in favor of a more narrow Serfas saddle – by switching out the Raleigh saddle when I bought the bike, I was able to get the Serfas for only $15.


(Shimano Nexus 8-speed internal hub)



Whoa, Nellie.

How YOU doin’?

Hey there, Gorgeous!

You can’t see it there, but I’m doing a happydance.

And now I make a happysillyface.

But no bike is complete without a name!  Inspiration struck me while on her inaugural ride – no poll necessary this time!

My lovelies, I want you to meet my lovely:


(Get it? Holly the Raleigh?)

We’ll be very happy together, I can tell.

Sorry, Penny.

Nothing personal.


5 responses to “Free At Last

  1. I love the new ride! She’s gorgeous!

  2. Holly is gorgeous! And you two look like a perfect pair. I cannot wait to hear about all the fun adventures you will have together. Congrats!!!!

  3. Where’s the helmet?!? Your head is too pretty to crack open.

  4. She’s beautiful!!! Love her to pieces and she’s not even mine’s! So glad that you are ecstatic about your purchase. It looks like it was a great one that you will never ever regret. Enjoy riding!!

  5. How many times do I have to tell you GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET?

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