We couldn’t decide whether to go for hookers or blow, so we chose board games instead.

It was a rockin’ night at our house this weekend!

Star Trek Monopoly and diet sodas, all around!

I’m not gonna lie, part of the reason I bought this coffee table was for the bottom shelf.  It has rather exceptional Monopoly-money-holding capabilities, no?

As you may suspect from my general sense of lightheartedness and joviality related to this endeavour – I WON.

I built hotels…err…starships on both Park Place and Boardwalk.  (or “Starfleet Command” and “United Federation of Planets Headquarters.”)


All that matters is I won. 😀

A good time was had by all.  If by “all” you mean “mostly me” because some people are sore losers.  And then I had to remind some people that it doesn’t matter one whit how they are at managing Monopoly money, as long as they can take care of the real money.

Then some people glared at me and then tickled me and then went outside to smoke and then I packed up the game real quick before he declared a rematch.

Let’s have a show of hands – who wants in on this rollicking good time? It’ll be BYODC (“bring your own Diet Coke”).  We’re not made of money, you know.*


*Well, I am.  But it’s technically not legal tender.  Most currencies imprinted with images of the USS Enterprise aren’t.


3 responses to “We couldn’t decide whether to go for hookers or blow, so we chose board games instead.

  1. Did you dress up like Lt. Uhura? She got to kiss Kirk once when the ‘forces’ made them do it. Who was Jeff? Scotty or Spock?
    Did he talk like this? (this would have been Kirk btw)
    What about the animals? did they get to play?

  2. hey, there were spaces inbetween the words “did he talk like this.”…wordpress took them away…..or maybe it was the klingons….

  3. I ❤ Monopoly. My dad and I would play 4-board monopoly (and never fewer than 2 boards). The boards connect at the corners and the game lasts for DAYS. I love it. We typically just decided to be done at some point or another and counted up how much we were worth and decided who won based on that. Now-a-days when I play monopoly I typically win. I've yet to find someone as hard core as my dad. My cousin is pretty close. She nearly broke up with her boyfriend one time when he wanted to play a game with us. Er…i should say, he almost broke up with her.

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