The Kennel, Part I

(Doesn’t that sound like a horror movie title?)

Behold, the world according to Roxie:

Poor darling.

But wait – what’s this?

Roxie:  “Wozzie haz a fweedum!”

Kate:  “LOL hey guyz!  I’m in a kennel!  Look!  Look at me!  In a kennel!”

Jeff:  ::long-suffering sigh::

Who’s the real prisoner here, I ask you?


3 responses to “The Kennel, Part I

  1. Roxie is so adorable. Look at her smile…. she’s a very happy dog 🙂

  2. Gary and Jeff would have so much in common,,,,The look on his face was the same one Gary had when I was in the ‘balls’ in the McDonald play place. like he’s thinking…’only the rest of my life with her….’

  3. Hahahahaha. That’s awesome. Did you pretend you were in jail? Sometimes I hold cake racks up in front of my face and run around saying, “This is what I would look like if I were in jail!” but no-one really appreciates it. We are misunderstood.

    Ally @ today is my birthday!

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