Paradigm (that’s pronounced para-digim, I’m pretty sure.) shift

I went to Kansas City this weekend.  No big plans; just seizing the opportunity for a shopping trip with Stefanie and some quality time with my parents (and dogs.  And some amazing Thai food.  Which was tofu.  Not dog.)

On the aforementioned shopping trip – an afternoon at Zona Rosa that included  chai lattes and veggie pizza – Stef purchased these bits o’ hotness.  This is a big deal to Stef because she is (self-proclaimed) “not a boot person.”  After I picked myself up off the floor (eyewitness accounts say I was writhing about and sobbing – you know I live in boots for 8 months of the year – but truthfully I think I’d blacked out), I managed to convince her to buy them.

Not that it took a whole lot of convincing, mind you – those boots *are* seriously cute, and they *did* look seriously awesome on Stefanie.  All I had to do was offer moral support and a couple outfit ideas.  And pay for the displays I destroyed in my hysteria.

After an ill-fated attempt to chase some adorable yellow heels across the state (I called every DSW in Kansas, Missouri, and Chicago.  No luck.), I ultimately ended the shopping trip new-shoe-less.

Y’all know that I’m nothing if not tenacious, though, and I still had a mad hankerin’ for new shoes.  But not just any shoes.  Inspired by my adventurous friend, I determined that I, too, needed to step outside the box.  I wasn’t going to buy black wedges, or grey booties, or even blue suede flats.  No tweed-y maryjanes or sporty, casual Keens.  Not this time.

As I wandered the aisles of my local DSW last night, I mused upon the nature of a Kate-equivalent for Stefanie’s prior adventurousness.  It is well documented that I wear flats and heels, comfort brands and not-so-comfortable ones, and shoes in every color of the rainbow.

Then the answer came to me.

It couldn’t have been more obvious.

After a quick but heated debate with my Kansas City friend, who assured me (much as I had assured her but 48 hours prior) that I could wear the shoes.  That yes Converse is unusual for me, but they’re by no means “weird”.  That no one would point and stare as I walked down the street in them.  Oh – and “think of all the outfit potential!”

I was sold.

I seriously haven’t worn Converses since high school, and then they were the high top style, Sharpie-d into oblivion by myself and my friends.  I wore them with tattered flare-leg jeans, vintage Doors and Pink Floyd raglan tees, and my duct tape purse.  (It was – and I was2001.)

This time it’ll be different.

Just you wait and see.

Now, you might be wondering why I didn’t just post this on Two Closets.  Here’s why:  I’m not exaggerating when I say that this shoe purchase was a major departure for me.  And I wouldn’t have done it without a friend’s inspiration and encouragement and prodding and nagging and cajoleing.  So now I’m here to challenge you:  What’s your rut?  What one thing – big or small – would you really like to change?  DO IT.  Today.  Right now.

(And leave a comment and let me know!)

If I can do it, so can you.  Be strong, friends, and have fun!

PS>I guess I’m supposed to disclaimer that after my last DSW post on Two Closets, I was contacted by a member of their marketing team and offered a gift card as a “Thank you for shopping with us and blogging about us” treat.  So DSW paid for part of my new shoes. Which only makes me love them more.

2 responses to “Paradigm (that’s pronounced para-digim, I’m pretty sure.) shift

  1. i want a pair of red shoes. I’m not particularly picky about the style. But every time I get close to purchasing them I think “oh, i honestly have NOTHING to wear these with….” That and i’m pretty cheep when it comes to clothes in general and shoes in particular.

  2. Well, it’s too late to do anything about this today, but I would like to take something besides blueberry yogurt in my lunch. I’m trying really hard to screw up my nerve to take strawberry. I may need to call you for support.

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