Terribly Impressive

Disclaimer:  I thought about buying a big floppy hat for this event, but then decided the gag wasn’t worth the $8.99 big-floppy-hat-price-tag.  So kindly just imagine a big floppy hat, ok?  With a gingham ribbon.

So, as you may have deduced from the title – yesterday afternoon was HARVEST TIME!  I rallied the farmhands and got every available harvest-holding container in the house, then we trudged out to the fields for the dirty work.

Dirty work:

(At first I’d emerged from the kitchen with the big colander, but Jeff said, “are you SURE?!” so I put it away and got the smallest one.  Jeff is usually right about these things.  Even though he’s not a farmer.  And I am.)

Tenderly cleaning off a pepper (which was supposed to be green.  I dunno.):

And now, behold the extent of my bounty!

I’d say that’s totally worth months of work, wouldn’t you?

A few of my pepper plants have little pepperlings, and the tomato plant has a few blossoms.  There’s nothing really harvest-able from the hyacinth vine or the snapdragons, but they’re still chugging along.  So I’m considering them a success, too.

Still, though.

So…what have I learned from this season’s gardening adventure?

1)Even though watering twice a day seems ridiculous, it’s probably a good idea, especially with 100+ degree temps in July.

2)Don’t bother fooling around with lettuce.  Next year it’ll just be (more)tomatoes and peppers!  And flowers.  And herbs.  And maybe I’ll actually get something useful from the experiment.

3)Container gardening is *hard*.  I think in-the-ground gardening may actually be a bit easier?  Wouldn’t know, since I haven’t tried it.  But it seems like it would.  Even though there are bugs &etc to contend with, at least the plants aren’t completely at your mercy for hydration.

4)Stir some plant food/fertilizer into the soil before planting.  As soon as I fed my plantsies, all of them started growing like whoa! I felt bad for having deprived them up to that point.

5)The farmer’s market is awesome 😀

Is it completely crazy that I can’t wait to do this again next year?


8 responses to “Terribly Impressive

  1. I have not looked at my garden in probably weeks. Who knows what it’s doing…the animals probably ate it.

  2. Your grandmother and granddad will be proud. Please be sure to let them see a picture of your harvest. And be sure to ask them if in-ground gardening is “easy.”

  3. Would they have grown on the balcony without you? No. Then I think you are a terrific gardener!

  4. Lesson #X…green peppers are just colored peppers that were picked before they changed. 🙂

  5. LMAO! Are you serious? One grape and One tomatoe? OMG Katie. My beefsteak tomatoes are no beefsteak size. I have no idea why. They are so tiny. I am going to try Miracle Grow next season though. But, I do agree, maybe planting them in grown would be better. Fortunately, I’ve been reaping the benefits of our grape tomatoes. They’ve been growing so fast.

  6. Believe me, I know the ups and downs of container gardening. I’ve had my greatest success with basil and jalapenos, but even then, unexpected events can occur. A few weeks ago, I had about ten jalapenos peppers. Then my plants got decimated by some caterpillars, and now there’s only a couple pitiful ones.

    By the way, I’m not sure what kind of pepper you have there, but usually most peppers will turn green as they rippen (including jalapenos). Personally, I like the flavor better once they turn red.

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