Blogs to Adore

A wise woman once said, “Every once in a while, I like to share a few blogs which I particularly enjoy.  Many are recent finds; some aren’t.  Some are famous (but I’m still telling you just in case you didn’t already know about them); many aren’t.”

And now she’s saying it again.

Because it’s August and it’s hot out and she misses her boots and she’s lazy and it’s Tuesday and composition of a “real” post would just take too much energy.

You don’t have to like Amanda Palmer’s music (though you probably should) to love her blog.  Great commentary on being an artist in the 21st century, with insight on everything from marketing to copyright protection to couch surfing.  I love it.

It’s Not All Mary Poppins – written by an in-home daycare provider – is an absolute gem.  Most days she makes me smile, but yeah – sometimes it makes me cry.  It’s an amazingly educational and fun read.

Thibeault’s Table has provided me with more recipe inspiration lately than…something which provides a lot of baked-goods inspiration.  That is, she makes delicious things.  Like blueberry bars.  YUM.

If you’re not already reading Bike Snob NYC, well, I can’t help you.  But…you must.

I hate made-up words like “edutainment”, but if I *were* the type to use such bastardized terms, it would be applicable for Got Medieval.  I love it, and you will too.

Fuck yeah, Tattoos! is great if you can keep up with all the posts.  Which I can’t.  But that doesn’t stop me from trying 😀

Sometimes Sociological Images is a little over-the-top, a little quick on the defense.  But sometimes it’s not.  And when it’s not, it’s incredible.  Very eye-opening and insightful.

If you read my blog (which I guess you do ’cause…duh.) then you’ll probably enjoy Knitting Lemonade, too.  Because get this – not only does she (ostensibly) discuss knitting, but also cycling!  And baking!  And miscellany!  I know.  I know.

Progressive Pioneer is a beautiful blog, with a beautiful message.

I love both Young Me Now Me and its partner, Like Mom Like Dad. (the latter of which is a new find!  For me, anyway.)

And now…I’m off! To sprinkle fairy dust and pixie farts throughout the land.

That is to say, “to make dinner then spend the evening knitting.”  Practically the same thing.  But there will be dogfarts, if that counts.


2 responses to “Blogs to Adore

  1. Google is a bit slow on the uptake. I only just saw this link now. Thank you! What nice things you do say. And, because you obviously have exquisite taste, I now have a nice long list of new blogs to explore! Thank you again.

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