Three short months

It may be a bit premature for a ‘yay autumn’ post, but these 70*-ish temperatures have really got me feeling like it’s just around the corner.

I don’t know if the weather gods are rewarding us for suffering those 100*+ temperatures all through July, or if this is OMG TEH GLOBAL WARMINGZ , or if maybe the gophers have all banded together and jumped at the same instant and rotated the earth a fraction or WHAT, but there’s no denying it:  this tail-end-of-August weather is *gorgeous*.  There’s the faintest hint of gold in the trees, the mornings are cool and sunny, and my inbox is flooded with Zappos emails about boots.


Just like every year, the onset of autumn feels like an awakening.  Summer makes me draggy and un-motivated and slow, and I count down the days (sometimes literally) ’till its end.  When fall hits, I stretch my legs and spend every moment outside and knit a bunch and take long walks and bake zucchini muffins and I love it.

I’m a creature of habit, so I think that a large part of my enjoyment comes from autumn’s wealth of annual events.

The family reunion in late August reminds me what’s coming up.

Then, just a couple weeks later, my birthday.

And Kansas City’s RenFest.

And Strange Folk. (2010!)

And Maple Leaf. (2010!)

And usually a trip to Kirksville for homecoming, if we can swing it. (not this year)

Next thing you know, it’s Halloween and winter is just around the corner, and then *that’s* my favorite season.

So what does all this tell me?  I’d better get knitting.

What do you look forward to in autumn?

3 responses to “Three short months

  1. Actually, I’m kind of a springtime sort of guy. I love to see things coming back to life after the browns, grays, and dirt of winter. But one thing has always been special to me about fall. Apple picking. When my kids were young, we would trek out into the country, ride a wagon behind a tractor out into the apple orchard, and then after we had picked more apples than we could possibly use because we always needed “just one more bag,” we would go to a nearby park and sit around a picnic table and eat cheese, sausage, apples, and French bread and watch the monarch butterflies stop and rest in their annual migration.

  2. Taking walks and the smell of people’s houses who have fires going and burning leaves. And that nip in the air that makes your cheeks turn pink and chilly, but with the right kind of knitted accessory makes you toasty warm every where else. The beautiful colors of the changing leaves on trees and when the sun goes down how those colors are almost glowing, and with a nice warm tea or latte in hand the sip that warms you for a moment until the chill returns and another sip and another. I love Fall

  3. I love fall, but like your Dad I love spring as well. There’s just something about the way the air smells in those seasons that really brings me to life. I’ve always hated summer.. the only good thing is my birthday and it’s always too damn hot to enjoy it (c’mon end of July 100* give me a break!). This year fall will be even more special because as fall ends baby girl will be so close to making her arrival… :)!!

    I was thinking about trying to make Strange Folk this year, but can’t convince my momma to go… I’ve never been… give me some selling points :)!

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