Cover my bum

Now that we’re entering St. Louis’s rainy fall season, I should probably start thinking about a saddle cover for Holly.  She’s currently sporting one of these dealiebobs:

(photo source)

The Kmart shopping bag *is* charming in its own special way – with its simple, cheerful red-and-white color scheme, versatile form and ironic plastic-y-ness.  But for whatever reason, I feel like Holly deserves *better*.

So away to Etsy I go!

This beauty sticks with the red and white palette:

But in a bit classier way, eh?  By KatieKouture, and can be custom-made to fit my narrower Serfas saddle.

Ooh or what about *blue*?

Though that one isn’t oilcloth or anything, so this one may be more about form over function.  By SewCreativeBySara.  So cute!

But I think I’ll pass on these…

Seems like those horns and ears might look kinda silly from under my bum. 😛

What the heck…maybe I’ll just DIY my own 🙂 (horn-less and ear-less though, methinks.)

Can any of you other cycling types recommend pretty and functional seat covers?


2 responses to “Cover my bum

  1. I like the blue one. Would make a nice plastic bag cover, no? 😉

  2. Definitely the bull! 😉

    Those are both pretty darling. I really love the red one (and I am not talking about the K-mart bag). Basil also does some cute covers:

    I also love the style of these even though they are not waterproof:

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