Pookie Express*

Good morning, Internet!

How are you?

I’ve missed you.

I’ve been away, you see.  (You may not have noticed.  I know that if I weren’t me, *I* wouldn’t have noticed.  Chew on that.)

Nothing tragic, just a lot of 15+ hour workdays and some Big Events which involved meeting People.  And you know if there’s one thing I like less than Big Events, it’s meeting People.  Even when the people are all exceedingly kind and polite and forgiving of a well-meaning novice such as myself.

Saturday night, when it was all over, I had a good cry in the privacy of my office.  Then I biked home, slept for 5 hours (it wasn’t enough) and spent my entire Sunday cloistered in a couchnest next to Hanky Mountain, feeling as though my entire face might slide off along with the rivulets of snot.  Allergy season can suck it.

So I guess that’s my way of saying that the past two-ish weeks can be summarized as:

1)Lots of work

2)Horrible allergies


So it’s not all bad, you see.  There was FroYo.


*I just told my co-worker – “Quick! Give me a title!”  This is what he said.


2 responses to “Pookie Express*

  1. You have always been fond of couchnests. Did you also build a fort under the dining room table using a blanket?

    Poor baby.

  2. what is your new job???? you never said, or I missed it if you did. I’ll pay you like 50 cents if you tell.

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