On Birthdays

For my entire adult life – since about the time they stopped letting me have My Little Pony-shaped cakes *- I’ve been more excited for others’ birthdays than I ever am for my own.

I love other peoples’ birthdays!  I always plan a small party for Jeff’s.  In December I put a silly hat on the dog and sing her birfdai songs.   I hand-knit pretty things for my mom. I’ll even make a co-worker’s favorite cookies, or post on that random Facebook acquaintance’s wall.

But where my own birthday is concerned?  Meh.  I mean, the presents are great – this year, Jeff gave me this edition of P&P, and tickets to TSO! – and I enjoy the dinners and seeing family and all that good stuff, too.  But I don’t like being the center of attention in large groups, and apart from exactly 3 people in the entire world (no, really), I don’t like having anyone make a fuss over me, or being a trouble at all.

So can you blame me for not telling my co-workers?  For not shouting it from the rooftops?  For not letting the dog put a silly hat on me?

Give me a few texts and phone calls from friends, flowers from Mom and Dad, a card from Grandma and a nice dinner out with family, and I’m happy.  Really.

How do you like to celebrate YOUR birthday?  Can I make you a cake?

PS>For some reason 25 feels a lot older than 24.


*So, 22 or thereabouts.


13 responses to “On Birthdays

  1. 25 was a lot harder for me than 30. In fact I didn’t like 25-29 cuz I felt the impending doom of being unyoung. The funny thing is….I LOVE being 32!!!! 30s are great! Hang in there:)

    And I am the same way….. nice dinner out makes me very happy.

  2. Mom and Dad Hoops

    Little Pony cake coming tomorrow! 😉

  3. Get real, please. You know you can’t wait to open up a certain box that is gathering dust here. You are not fooling me for one second.

    And by the way, how about a Barbie wedding cake party?

  4. Oh, I forgot to answer your questions. I usually spend my birthday feeling sorry for myself because my only living child is across the state on my only special day of the year. But, don’t let that bother you. I’m old, and soon, I won’t be here to feel sorry for myself. 😉

    Of course, you may bake a cake for me! The only stipulation I have is that I would like you to deliver it to me here, not keep it in St. Louis and eat it without me. Thank you.

  5. well, happy birthday you spring chicken you.

  6. I *really* didn’t want a party for my 30th, but I was persuaded I had to have one. So I did, and lo and behold, I had a good time. More people than really should be in my house showed up, but they were people I like, so it all worked out in the end. No worries on the cake front though; I prefer pie 😉

    Hope you’re doing well! I’m back on the Red line after a stint on the Blue, so maybe I’ll see you on the train someday…

  7. When I was slingin’ hash at the truck stop, I had approx. 3-4 birthdays per year, depending on the weather. (if people got bitchy about it, I just let it slip that it was my day and they’d get all, like, happy)
    Now, I don’t tell anyone, but people remember. I’m loved.
    You too, I love you happybirthdayyeah, its fall!!!

  8. People still get presents when they turn 25? I had no idea. Oh right. I did get one. I can normally persuade my mom to buy me that somewhat expensive item for my birthday. Because she likes buying me things and it’s a good excuse. Other than that I generally count it a birthday celebration is Mark brings home a few flowers and we eat ice cream floats.

  9. I didn’t tell anyone at work either. Happy Birthday though. 🙂

    I celebrated my Friday birthday onn Saturday, which came with free fireworks. The transformer in my yard BLEW up sending a shower of sparks and flames on to my straw-like lawn. I called the fire dept. while making sure my smoldering lawn didn’t ignite. Then I was safe and went to the Melting Pot.

    I still feel 25, even though I’m 29. But, my 30th will be epic because it has an awesome date of 9.10.11. Pretty awesome.

  10. For my 40th, I did not want a fuss. Just simple drinks with my close friends. For some reason, this was not appropriate, and (against my wishes) daddywhumpus turned it into a hullabaloo that he only just recently paid off. I was too tired to stand my ground. 41 will be different.

  11. Happy birthday! I hear the TSO concert is intense!

    25 is a lot different than 24, at least it was for me. 35 (omg) is shaping up to be the same; it’s a lot different than 34.

  12. Happy birthday!

    I really hate and dread my birthdays – the reminder that I’m getting older depresses the hell out of me, so I always ask people not to make a fuss. They always do, though 🙂

  13. I gave up birthdays for Lent.

    The end.

    (Happy birthday. You know what feels older than 25? Forty{mumble}. Not that I know, seeing as how I haven’t had one since I was 33. Because of the Lent thing. I have a LOT of penance to do, and a VERY contrite heart.)

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