Friday Favorites – 9/17/10

I have just the linen yarn for this supercute kerchief

OMG SO TRUE.  I was *always* the first one awake at sleepovers.  And I’d lay quietly as long as I could ’till I heard my friend’s parents woke up and then I’d usually wander into the kitchen and sit there feeling awkward and drinking an unusual brand of orange juice and watching the clock ’till my mom would come pick me up.  UGH.

Amazing library desk.  But how could they stand to lose so many books?!

More library porn – only with a 19th-century twist.

I’m making pumpkin cream cheese tomorrow, y’all.  Just so ya know.

Love it.

Could this be the best Cake Wrecks ever?  Perhaps…

I want to make them all!

Note to self:  make challah.

Fine art, Star Wars style.  Just what it sounds like.

Delicious easy appetizer idea?  yes please! 🙂

Great post on cycle commuting.  I know that “there already?  Aww…” feeling.

I think Bed Intruder is my favorite meme of the year.


4 responses to “Friday Favorites – 9/17/10

  1. Great links, as always! I am so making that pumpkin cream cheese, it looks so easy and quick and sooo delicious! And I also love that Biseekel comic, that site is great, isn’t it?

    Thanks again for including me in your round-up! I do hope that writing about how simple bike commuting can be (esp. for short distances) will inspire more people to take to the road on two wheels. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the cake wrecks–thanks for the laugh.

  3. Hey thanks! You will love the linen kerchief–it gets softer and softer. I want to wear it all the time now, which will make people think I’ve had some sort of a religious experience, which I have, but probably not in the way that they’re thinking. I’ve become a linen convert.

  4. gonna send this to my mom

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