Friday Favorites – 9/24/10

Never before have I wanted a stone patio as much as I do RIGHT THIS INSTANT.

Maple apple ginger cake.  And I just so happen to have two bags of apples in my kitchen.  Hmmm…

Wow.  WOW.

Nutri-Grain bar replacement?  Possibly…  (will let you know)

This truly terrifies me.  Really, truly, TERRIFIES.

I just died from the pretty.  But don’t make the same mistake I did – reading about this castle’s history will take away the special.  I promise.

Makes me want to be a teacher, just so I can say this.

Amazing D*S collection:  bikes.

Love this post – inside and out.  I may take a stab at my own version of that list…

Mmmmm baked scallops!  I’ve gotta try this 🙂


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