Almost October

Since my “big” “harvest” a few weeks ago, I’ve sort of been neglecting my little balcony garden.  We’ve had a lot of rain and really cool temps, so I figured there was probably no more lovin’ this season.

So of course…(some) things thrive.

I had this little surprise to start out with:

Hi, little guy!

I will eat you.

Then, my hyacinth vine is finally blooming!

I’ve decided that THIS is my most favorite color ever.  Yes.

And look! I’ve even got a seed pod or two:

I take that as a compliment.  Like the plants are saying “Why, yes this is a good place to live.  I would recommend it to my children.” 😛

Finally, the snapdragons continue to be really…snapdragon-y.

They really weren’t kidding at the garden center when they said it’s hard to kill these things!  Best $4.99 investment ever.

So even though there’s still a bit of life out there, I am considering my First Garden Ever – Gardenpalooza 2010? – to be more or less through.  Getting started was the hardest part, and I’ve learned a lot this year – that’s for sure!  Next year will almost certainly be easier, and I’ve got a lot of valuable lessons to carry forward.  For example:

1)Maybe start a week or two earlier.  But not so early that it frosts.

2)No lettuce.  Not worth it.  Use the pots for tomato plants, instead!

3)Mix some of my awesome fertilizer into the soil before I plant, and then don’t forget to refresh it about once a month or so.

4)Bell peppers:  2 peppers from 6 plants?  Not exactly stellar.  But so cute and yummy I can’t resist – will redo next year! (though with hopefully better results) 🙂

5)Plant snapdragons in the railing planter and save the sitting-on-the-ground pots for other stuff.

6)Snip off basil heads before they get huge.

7)Maybe try a topsy-turvy?

8)Oh, and some hot peppers.  Yes.

Now I’m really psyched for Gardenpalooza 2011! 🙂  Any other recommendations?


4 responses to “Almost October

  1. Oh my goodness, I have the BEST hot pepper to recommend, grew it for the first time this year because my cousin gave me extra plants she started from seed. It is small and bushy and gorgeously ornamental with three different colored little peppers on one plant. AND it is super hot! AND it is practically maintenance free. However, I must dig up the name, which I do not posess sitting here in corporate hell, so I will report back.

  2. I tried a topsy-turvey a few years ago when they first came out. I won’t give it a complete “F” as we did get a few tomatos off of it, but the stalk kept trying to curve upwards and finally broke just when the tomatos started to ripen. So I’d give it a “D”. But that’s just my grade on the topsy-turvy.

  3. My grandma had three big, beautiful gardens when I was growing up full of delicious veggies and some fruits. Unfortunately, I did not inherit her green thumb and thus have no tips for you. I have heard that a topsy turvy is not worth it, though.

  4. Ok, I hunted down the name, it is called Numex Twilight. Such a great plant and totally drought and humidity tolerant, I don’t think there is much you can do to keep this one from looking great. It gives you A LOT of little peppers, I’m looking in to how to dry them or make pepper jam this weekend… Here is a link:

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