Strange Folk was on Saturday.

Did you go?  I did.

Did you eat kettle corn?  I did.

Did you pet an alpaca?  I did.

Did you try to feed kettle corn to the alpaca?  Me neither.

This year’s festival was very similar to last year’s; something that I found quite comforting.  If anything the number of vendors seems to have grown a bit, but attendance also seems like it may have been a bit down (as Rachel pointed out at noon, “You can actually walk through the pavilion.”).  Not sure why this was – maybe the 64/40 closure and construction on 55?  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, though – you couldn’t ask for a better day for kettle corn eatin’ and alpaca pettin’!

(Here I stick my thumbs in my overall straps.)

(No, I’m not really wearing overalls.  But thanks for asking.)

I got a rush of excitement when we arrived and approached the Pavilion.

Birthday money was burning a hole in my wallet.  But with a yarn diet, and in the absence of my favorite goat milk soap company, and with Jeff’s admonishment constantly in my ear, I managed to restrain myself.


There’s goodness in those tents!

So, because I wasn’t really there for *shopping*, I focused my energies on kittens instead.

Kittens make everything better.

Oh! And then the mushroom hut!

OK so the PLAN was that I would go into the mushroom hut, and Jeff would take my picture, and then it would be awesome.  But I bet you can guess why that didn’t happen.

And why all I have instead is a picture of an empty mushroom hut:

I guess one of us has to be the grownup in this relationship.  But I still want my mushroom hut picture. 😦

Even though I didn’t shop much, I also didn’t go home empty-handed.

I found this:

Isn’t it pretty? And petite?  And perfect?  It was made by the ladies at Circa Boutique, and I’m pretty sure it’s a new staple in my wardrobe.  I’m also pretty sure I’m going to stop by the shop next time I’m out Belleville way.

Yes, I do like Strange Folk.  Very much.  Already looking forward to 2011 🙂


3 responses to “Goodness

  1. Jeff is a lot more patient than I would be. You might have been able to talk me into going, but I would have spent the afternoon sitting under a shade tree eating kettle corn and only leaving the hard nubbins for you.

  2. Thanks for the visit! I know, aren’t those wreaths so cute?! Great new necklace 😉


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