I want

…to knit everything in the world.

…another pair of hands, so I may cross-stitch at the same time.

…to have a good day today.

…another pumpkin scone.

…for things to just WORK, DAMMIT!

…a husband hug.

…time to do housework, in peace, in the daylight.

…to switch out the music on my iPod.

…a good dog.

…for it to be our Kansas City weekend.

…my other travel mug, the one that doesn’t drip tea onto my scarf.

…to know the future.

What do you want?

(Turns out, my desires remain relatively constant over the course of two years.)


4 responses to “I want

  1. I want to want to do housework.
    and to finish my baby blanket.
    and to have legs that don’t need hair maintenance.

  2. I want to finish the nursery.
    I want my baby girl to be here.
    I want to not fight with my husband over stupid stuff b/c I’m so hormonal it’s insane.
    I want to be able to see past my rib cage and shave my legs without missing 1/2 the darn thing.
    :)… How’s life?

  3. I want…
    …to knit, sew, clean, garden, cook, fix-it, relax, sleep, sort, play…
    …less stuff
    …a pony

    I’ll skip the pony if I can have the money.

  4. I’ll play…
    I want world peace and thin thighs.
    that was the 15 year old Kathy speaking.
    I want a clean, organized house.
    I want good health for me and my family.
    I want to eat healthier (as she dips into the double dipped chocolate covered peanuts)
    I want a new computer and printer.
    I want one phone call to Heaven.

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