Jeff tried to leave me there

Remember how we tried – and failed – at apple picking last week?

So after THAT attempt petered out like a the tail-end of a beer ‘n burrito fart*,we decided that it was too early to call the day a total loss.

So, like the completely spontaneous! and exciting! people that we are (NOTTT), we decided to go to the zoo.

Because that’s what people do, apparently.

I took a picture of my tattoo with real bamboo.

Which yes I could’ve done in my kitchen windowsill where my pet bamboo lives but IT JUST WOULDN’T BE THE SAME, NOW WOULD IT?

We also saw elephants:

I ❤ elephants.

Especially the baby, who decided he wanted to cool off:

He was so ridiculously cute I couldn’t stand it.  I wanted to keep him.  Jeff wouldn’t let me.

Jeff is mean.

Look how tiny that baby is!  Barely bigger than a pile of elephant poop.

(Which is – paradoxically – the international metric for tinyness.)

And then there were orangutans.

I wanted this one, too.  It would swing from that rope, then throw itself down the hill…

Until it bonked its head on the glass.  Then it would get up and do the same thing over again.

I have a lot in common with that orangutan.

Finally, snake sex:

OK maybe not but isn’t it more interesting when I say that’s what they were doing?

Zoo = fun.

Eckert’s could learn a lesson or two from them.  (Betcha elephants are really efficient apple pickers!  If you don’t mind elephant snot on your apples…)


*Did you know that the origin of the phrase “to peter out” is derived from the French word pêter, which is, “to fart“?  TMYK.

2 responses to “Jeff tried to leave me there

  1. Wow, Jeff is really mean. It’s just a tiny elephant!

  2. hehehe, I rode an elephant at the Indianapolis Zoo. now I realize I would have looked just at cute rolling in the mud hole too.

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