Friday Favorites – 10/8/10

This is how I prefer to think of the post-oil landscape.


I love the Cornett familyLinger on these photos.  Absorb them.  Love the details.


If I live in the city, I want my house to look like this.


Entryway inspiration.


These are what I call “breakfast cookies.”  Guess what I’m going to do with them? 😀


Rechelle does it again.  I die laughing.  BRILLIANT.


Great kid’s project!


I’d love to start making my own medicines and cosmetics.  I have so many recipes bookmarked…


Hauntingly beautiful.


Good advice which I shall completely fail to follow.


I’ll make this some night that mushroom-hating Jeff isn’t home.


Beautiful floral tattoo.  Love the placement, too! (and one good turn deserves another)


Prufrock for the 21st century.  Amazing!  (original here, if you never took 10th grade English.  It has been – and always will be – one of my favorite poems)


I’ve made apple chips before, but it’s been a while.  Maybe this weekend? 🙂


How wonderful this would be.


Good news as we work towards ending plastic bags.


I’ve never wanted to copy a tattoo more than right now.  But I won’t.


Mmm pumpkin granola!


OK call me crazy (I dare you!) but from this angle, when you squint, doesn’t it sort of like like an AT-AT skeleton?


Great (non-knitterly) post from the Yarn Harlot.


Brilliant.  Amazing. And also, not a plastic bag. 😀


My Netflix queue is growing


That may be one of my most favorite FF compilations EVER.  Really.  Hope you enjoyed it too!


One response to “Friday Favorites – 10/8/10

  1. KT, I will never have an organized house with you as my friend…You have the best places to waste time in…thanks,…you should win an award!
    and I must comment on a comment in the Cornett family’s comments. JennyPennifer said the honest truth in a roundabout way…women are the strong ones…I’ve asked numerous people if they’d like to see the pictures of my daughter’s face (only after they’ve inquired) and the women all say yes, and the men all have said no, they couldn’t stand to see it. I found that so interesting. But more proof that we are the strong ones.

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