Purple yarn makes it all good.

This was my weekend.



It’s just what I needed.  (And should continue to “need”, if I have any hope of finishing it for this weekend.)



I ❤ yarn.




The iPad + GoodReader makes a damn fine knitting pattern tracker.


Weaselmama makes a damn fine shawl pattern (I’m nearly done with chart B of the lace portion, now).


I’m also working on another project, for a friend.  But even though she picked the yarn, and the pattern, I’ve gotta keep some element a surprise, right? 😉 so no pics.


I still haven’t figured out how to cross stitch at the same time.


Last night I had one of those ambiguous “feeling” dreams – not a “story” dream or a “memory” dream.  Just feelings.  Mostly about my favorite pupper.  I love that damn dog.


I also love calamari.  Hence, we’re going here on Friday.  And I’m fasting ’till then.  Best Italian food I’ve ever had.  EVER.


But until then, I work.  And ride.  And buy groceries.  And clean.  And knit.


4 responses to “Purple yarn makes it all good.

  1. I totally busted out my fingerless gloves two weekends ago. People were jealous.

  2. Yarn does make it better. It is looking good!

  3. That looks like most of my weekends! Except that last weekend involved me dyeing the purple yarn for my shop. This makes me happy! I’m bringing more purple into the world!!

  4. Love the color! And I’m very glad you like the pattern. Thanks for your nice comments 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how your shawl turns out!

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