Friday Favorites – 10/15/10

I would like to be this awesome.


::headdesk::  I weep for what the present is doing to the future.


Great Sunday Sweets from CW.


Prettiest baby-measurer I’ve ever seen!  I love this idea!


For me, every week is wool week.


Based off this, I should eat a ton of meat and fat, moderate amounts of highly processed carbs, only a little bit of  vegetarian protein, and almost no fruits or veggies.


Great idea, but who would want to scrub soap scum off these things?


Beautiful – I may have to get this!


Cute little tattoo.




Amazing guide to green cleaning products – most of these “recipes” are pretty similar to my own.


Guilty as charged.


Swiss chard, onion and cheese frittata.  Yum!


Well said, former free-range kid.  Well said.


Heh heh heh yeah….


Pretty fall photos 🙂


Amazing Pashley ads.  Which also makes me think that their target demographic is girls named Kate, too.

3 responses to “Friday Favorites – 10/15/10

  1. You put up all those tattoos and I always look at them and they make me want one so bad! That site is kinda addicting to look at. I love all the Harry Potter ones 🙂

  2. Your lists are so fun! I am glad that the Pashley ads made it. They just speak to girls like us.

  3. Thanks for the linkage!

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