Why to dope up your dog


Perceive: a prostrate puppy, possible and provided by pupper Prozac.


(Seriously though.  Sunday.  RenFest.  Thousands of people and hundreds of dogs milling around – butts to sniff and hands to kiss and fallen turkey to eat –  this truly could *not* have succeeded before we started doping her up.  She was a lovey the whole time – walking at heel, laying down when we went to shows, wagging her tail and sitting politely in shops.  Amazing.)


All the training and effort and chicken treats in the world couldn’t calm Roxie down before.  But now that she’s been on medication for >6 months?  She’s like a whole new – and happier – dog.


Wozzie may not haz a smart, but she haz a calm.  And a happy.


One response to “Why to dope up your dog

  1. You doped up your pup… cute, too cute!

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