Color Explosion of Awesomeness

A couple months ago, we switched to using hankies.


I quickly grew bored of blowing my nose on plain white cotton squares, though.  (And, I was having to do laundry twice a week because I only had four).  Enter Tama and her mad tie-dye skills.


Just a few days, several emails, and a chunk out of my PayPal account later…

Hence, “Color Explosion of Awesomeness”


That stack of grogeousness consists of several 100% silk hankies, and over a dozen sturdy (larger) cotton ones.


Let me break here and say, that I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish I had a cool and gorgeous way to present these beauties to you.  I want to hang them all in rows on a clothesline, and take their picture against a brilliant blue sky.  I want to catch them waving in the wind, the silk becoming nearly translucent in the sunlight.  I want to capture them against slightly-dewy green grass, knowing full well that now I’ll just have to re-wash them, but realizing that getting that picture was worth it.


Alas.  All I can offer you is my ottoman (which is really sage green, and not a dingy, dirty grey) and the last bits of sunlight on a Tuesday late afternoon.


Maybe in a few years I’ll have that clothesline…


So anyway.  This one is my favorite:


And so is this:


Oh! And this!


That silk is so soft.  So smooth.  Lustrous.  Seriously – way too nice to blow my nose on.  (But ya know I’m doing it anyway!)


Then, the cotton!



These are the real workhorses (so to speak).  Generously sized and sturdy, they’re perfect for keeping in my pocket or purse – one at all times.



And did I mention that they’re gorgeous, too?








(that one reminds me of My Little Ponies)





Who needs Kleenex, when you have these?


7 responses to “Color Explosion of Awesomeness

  1. I really hate kleenex. Really. I’d rather NOT use a tissue at all if my only option is a paper one. I’ve been using regular old cotton bandannas for a long time now. But this sort of makes me want to get some nice soft cotton and tie dye it myself. 🙂 And of course finish the edges and all that stuff.

    Each person really needs 6 or so for themselves. i wish i could convince my dear husband to stop using paper. he uses toilet tissues… which is cheaper. But then the toilet paper runs out too fast.

  2. Stunning. They are like works of art for your nose.

  3. Your grandma never did make the transition from hankies to tissues. Her hankies, though, usually have lace crocheted on the corners or edges. I can’t picture her with a tie-dyed yellow and red hankie tucked up the sleeve of her sweater.

  4. I’ve been using cloth hankies since the 80s and love them. I like to buy vintage ones in thrift stores for about 50 cents each.

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  7. I have white cotton muslin, cotton thread, a sewing machine, and cotton dyes all within an arms reach. I am so making some of these for myself.

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