I don’t get it

Dear Abbie,


Thank you so much for sending me the lovely items from Rhinebeck (it was almost as good as being there)!

The yarn is just gorgeous – it’s entirely too soft to “just” be silk and merino, so I have concluded that it must be comprised of unicorn spit and kitten ears.


Moreover, how did you know that I’ve been on the hunt for shockingly vivid magenta laceweight?  I think I may make it into a cowl.  Or a tiny triangular scarf.  Something very lacy.  And pretty.


But Abbie, I’m a little bit confused about the scarf you sent.

See, it’s called “Gnomespun YARN“, so I figured it was yarn.  But then I tried knitting it, and it was too fat to knit – even with my #15 needles!  So I deduced that you had been kind enough to knit it for me.  Wow.  Too nice.  So I eagerly put it on…


Only…well, it was a bit short.  And – I must admit – silly looking.  I was so heartbroken!  So I tried to frog it…and in doing so I realized it was actually braided rather than knitted.  Clever!



I was so excited about my new, long, pretty, unbraided scarf!


Only then I noticed that the ends were fraying something awful.  So in a last-ditch attempt to save my beautiful scarf, I began pulling on one end.  I twisted as I pulled, hoping to come up with a nice, pointy scarf end. But then the scarf end just kept getting longer and skinnier and longer and skinnier, and…


Abbie, I’m afraid I ruined the pretty scarf that you sent!  I’m so sorry.



And that’s how I invented spinning.




8 responses to “I don’t get it

  1. ::giggles:: That has to be one of the best stories I’ve read in a while, and on a day I needed it! Best. Unventing. Ever.

  2. I take full credit for this post 😉 j/k
    I’m so glad to see that you’re still spinning. That fiber looks delicious.

  3. And after I went to all that work to pick out the prettiest scarf of them all, too! *flounces* Just for that, I’ll…I’ll…

    Actually, I’m just going to sit here and continue to laugh, girlfriend. Best gift review ever, y/y? =D

  4. LOL! Oh how I wish I was creative enough to do any of this though, I can barely knit!

  5. Too bad Al Gore beat you to inventing pants and the Internet.

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