We had 14 trick-or-treaters last night.  Only two were dressed up.  Such a downer.

(How many did you have?)

The “Rocky Horror” episode of Glee was amazing (I’d DVR’d it because I had some catching up to do).  Tonight I’m going to watch the real Rocky Horror.  And sing along with every word.  Oh yes I will.

Yesterday we officially made the switch from summer bed (plain sheets + cotton bedspread) to winter bed (flannels + comforter).  It was LOVELY.  Just a shame I spent the whole night with a cat clawing at my head.

Nevermind that we probably won’t turn on the heater for another couple weeks, at least.

I haven’t done the phone thing yet.

I will.  I promise.

(Can anybody recommend a good hippie-ish moisturizer for sensitive skin?) The stuff I got from Trader Joe’s is making me break out.


That’s a more effective joke in person, when you can tell just how terribly off-key it is.

(To make up for today’s utter, unbearable dullness, here’s a funny video.)


4 responses to “Disjointed

  1. Super Salve makes the most awesome, creamiest, most moisturizing lotion. I use it on my son who has eczema and it works wonderfully. We like mimosa blossom dream cream and their calendula body lotion. I’ve seen it at a couple of natural food stores but you can get it on line.

    I’m going to start saying craptacular.
    Oh, and boots make me sing too. Sadly, it’s still too warm for them here. 😦

  2. we switched to winter linens too…only we just plopped a couple of heavy afghans on the bed. If only getting up during the winter mornings was as enjoyable as snuggling under the winter afghans…there’s something not right about getting up for the day when it’s dark outside…

    On the point of hippie-ish moisturizer, i switched to Origins awhile ago & really like it. my skin is very moody & finicky, and this seems to have been the only line that does the trick. Good luck finding something that works for you!

  3. We only had about 10 kids Halloween night. Most all of them were dressed up. But the real downer was the three 30-something year old women with pillowcases and shower-cap costumes. No kids in tow. Not even an excuse that their kid was sick at home. Just three adult women going door to door for candy. Sad. Very sad.

  4. I’m on a horse.

    Love it!

    P.S. Go knit yourself the pony you always wanted.

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