Help me!  I’m trapped!  I see…circuits! And fans!  And a giant LCD!  AND I CAN’T GET OUUUUTTT!

…Wait.  That’s my plan for if I ever get trapped in the computer.

Now, however, I retire an entirely different form of help.

Last night, you see, Jeff and I went glasses shopping.  And I’ll be damned if I can’t make up my mind.  I have three contenders to choose from.  And I need your input.

Things to keep in mind:

  • I never wear contacts, so these things will be on my face for 16 hours a day for the next five-ish years.
  • I want some which are kinda funky, but not too funky.  Not too much one “look”, but versatile and good with all sorts of outfits and hairstyles &c.  Glasses which are really *me*, y’know?
  • I have ridiculously close-set eyes (thanks Dad), so that makes it sort of hard to find glasses which fit my eyes (ie, so my eyes are in the center of the lens) *and* my face (ie, so that they don’t look like I crammed kids’ glasses on my face).

Contender #1: (hair down)

Contender #1: (hair up)

These frames are actually a burgundy-purple color.  I love the slight cats-eye shape, but I’m not wild about how they’re only half-rim or whatever – I think they make my face look too top-heavy.  I also think that if you look at them on my face straight-on, they’re kind of too small (they don’t go to the edges of my face, and the arms are a bit stretched outward.  Not much, but a bit.)


Contender #2: (hair down)

Contender #2: (hair up)

These are actually pretty neat – they’re not black; they’re three layers of plastic.  The outer layer is a transparent blue; the middle layer is a dark reddish brown; the inner layer is a blonde tortoise-shell.  So when they’re on, they mostly look dark brown.  But then there are flashes/hints of the blue, when that catches the light.  And the tortoiseshell gives them a super cool textured/mottled look.  However, I’m not sure if they may look a bit dated really quickly?  And I think they’re a bit big for my face.  But I like the height of the lenses, too.


Contender #3: (hair down)

(you can tell I was really sick of this game, by this point.  Slumped shoulders…tired smile…”just take the damn picture” expression…)

Contender #3: (hair up)

These are also dark brown – not black.  The only thing I really like about them is they make my face look nice and angular, and they’ve got the whole “sexy nerd” vibe.  But would that get annoying after a (very short) while? Or is it awesome?


Last night I just couldn’t make up my mind.  This morning, however, I’m tempted to scrap all three, and go look somewhere else.  So help me out, here.  Should I go with:

Pair #1

Pair #2

Pair #3

or Pair #go-look-somewhere-else;these-all-suck


PS>Mom likes #2.  Jeff and a random stranger like #1.  The salesguy liked #3.

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22 responses to “HELP ME. I BEG YOU.

  1. I like #1 because they aren’t like OMG GLASSES. They are cute and fit your face well.

    I sort of like #3 because they have a certain “sass” to them.

    #2, eh. Too nerdy. 🙂

  2. I like #2 because I think you look happiest in them of all. That might be because they’re the best pic, or might be because you knew they suited your face shape, so were a bit more relaxed… Plus, three colours – uber-versatile!

    But then, I don’t wear my glasses nearly as often as I should…

  3. #1 unless you have very thick lenses and then I would choose #2

  4. I do NOT like #1. But I think i have a general aversion to half frames.

    When I got to #2 I thought, “not bad… but i agree they are too big on the face.”

    And when I got to #3 I thought, “heck ya, those are hot and classy!”

    But … is your insurance paying for the glasses? If so get them. But then be sure to check out Zenni Optical for other options in the next 5 years. And if your insurance ISN’T paying for them then be sure to check out Zenni Optical and feel like you can buy 4 pair and still spend 1/4 the amount on new glasses:

  5. (a note regarding Zenni Optical: you CAN search for glasses based on pulminary distance (PD) so you can actually KNOW they are going to work for your eye spacing)

  6. Hmm, definitely #2 or #3. #2 remind me a bit of Tina Fey – is that good or bad? #3 is a bit edgier, but might get on your nerves after a while.

    #2 it is, then, I think. (You probably can’t tell, but I’m really bad at making decisions 😉

  7. One or Two.

    I am helpless at choosing glasses, and made daddywhumpus choose the past two pair. He was right. And I never would have chosen them on my own.

  8. Only choose #3 if it comes with a free pocket protector and protractor. #2 doesn’t do anything for me, but then I never wear my glasses even though yo momma says I should. That leaves #1, although I am kind of leaning towards “none of the above.” And for the record, my eyes are not close together. My ears are just far apart.

  9. I vote for #1. I feel like they fit your face better. Also, they are more unique looking without being kooky. Also, now I want to go get glasses again. 🙂

  10. I like #2. I’m not a fan of the half rim either, but I think the third ones overpower your face. The second frames look nice!

  11. I vote for # 1 – I love the cat’s eye look 🙂

  12. I like #1 (or a try full on rimless) but I agree with Aliya – tri Zennioptical (and order yourself a sexy librarian pair too!)

  13. Because I worked in eyewear for like 8 years and tend to have strong opinions when it comes to glasses I like #1 the best 🙂 The other two are cute but if you are wearing everyday I would go with 1st.

  14. In order: #1, #3, #2. I like how the half-frames look on you, and the shape is really flattering. They look feminine without treading into girly, and that can be hard to find! (Speaking as someone always keeping an eye out for sexy frames herself.) The shape of #3 is also flattering, but I think #2 doesn’t work as well; the lenses are too wide for your face, imho. (Opinionated commenter is opinionated.)

  15. Love #2!

  16. 2!!!! They look younger (you are young) and still nice on your face.

    And I loathe picking glasses. LOATHE.

  17. I really like 2….and I dint think they would get dated too soon. Good fitting, flattering glasses are always in style.

  18. I like #1 actually. That was the pair that looked good with hair up & down (IMO). Out of the three choices, #1 looked like you.

  19. I like No. 1, but I’m a fan of half-frames. No. 3 is a close runner-up.

  20. Hate picking out glasses!!! I do however love to give my opinion.
    #1-at first glance yes, until you study what a full frame does for you like with 2&3
    #2-I like, but wouldn’t like the blue hints of color, again, just me. Not a blue person.
    #3-Yeah, I like these, but there would be something holding me back.
    All-in-all- Keep shopping. I think the shape of #2 with the right color and be sure to get the glareless glass-worth the extra $$, yeah, I looked again and like the color of 3 but the shape of 2 and without the glare. I personally believe if you aren’t totally blown away by your glasses, you should wait until you are. amen. anything else?

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