Curse: Broken?

There has been plenty of knitting in these parts as of late.  Unfortunately, since we’re only mumblety weeks away from Christmas, most of the knitting must be SEEKRIT.
It’s killing you, isn’t it?


(it may kill me)


Well, in the meantime…



I made myself a shawl.  And I think this may be the *only* thing I’ve made for myself in 2010, which didn’t fail massively.  (see: the green sweaterneed to add length to the torso. The purple sweater – waist shaping? who needs waist shaping?.  The breton-strip sweater – laceweight stockinette:  need I say more?. The knee socks – finally done, A YEAR AFTER I CAST ON.)



That pattern is an adaptation of Valeria by the always-fantastic Weaselmama.  (I sort of ran fast and loose with the pattern, though.  I abandoned the third chart because I was running out of yarn.  And then that would’ve made the fourth chart look rather goofy, so I invented an edging (knitting by the seat of my pants).



Quite a gamble for one who hasn’t successfully knit for herself in nearly a year (jeez that’s a long time), but luckily it paid off.


The knitting gods are smiling upon me once again.



This yarn is one of my Minnesota souvenirs from our 2009 trip.  True to my word, I *am* knitting from my stash!  This is a good thing.



Thank you, Valeria, for breaking the knitter’s curse.


Now I’ve just gotta finish the [project] I’m working on now, and also make a [project] and [project] and [project] in the next seven weeks.


It’ll be just fine 🙂



9 responses to “Curse: Broken?

  1. ….aaaaaaand queued!

  2. Beautiful! Lace intimidates me…

  3. Wow, that is really, really pretty! My blog has been quite silent due to covert activity too, that and the fact I am refusing to let myself post the one project I can post (since my kids don’t read blogs yet) until I am ENTIRELY done with it. Why when it is something for me do I not have to force myself to knit it? Wait a minute, should you be knitting for you right now?!!!

  4. Such a beautiful shawl!

  5. Looks great, and I dig your interpretation of the pattern! Glad my Valeria could help break your curse 🙂

  6. You made this whole thing up just to throw me off track, didn’t you? I’m getting it for Christmas, right?!!! Love it! (You, too.)

  7. Ooh. I like very much. The purple is fab on you! And oh how I get secret knitting.

  8. Wow! Beautiful beautiful beautiful! Your gorgeous shawl is in my favorite color so I admire it really more. You can actually create something that amazing, wow I love it!

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