Fifteen Things I Love, for November…10th.

(Yeah, I haven’t done one of these in about six months.  Yeah, they’re “supposed” to be on the 10th.  But what are you gonna do?  Send the blogging police after me?)


1.  Routine bicycle maintenance.  Especially when it’s something I already know how to do.  Double especially when it works.


2.  The anticipation leading up to a concert that you know is gonna be SUPER AWESOME.  Are they going to play your favorite song?  What about fun random covers?  Or new songs that you’ve not heard before?  OMG WHAT IF THEY ANNOUNCE A NEW ALBUM?!


3.  That moment when you know that something’s gotta be done, and instead of sitting back and stewing about it you feel yourself just set the computer aside, stand up, and go be productive.  It’s like a productive, benign demon has taken possession of my body.


4.  The daily ritual of walking to the lounge and fetching hot water for tea.  Tea!


5.  Dinners with relatively little prep work and lots of simmer time.


6.  Writing letters.  Why doesn’t this happen anymore?  Does a half-hour email to a far-flung friend count?


7.  Kitten noses.


8.  Lovely, cozy, handmade, broken-in goodness.


9.  Multi-craftural-ism.  Because tonight, I may work on a quilt.  Or cross-stitch.  (To procrastinate on the holiday knitting, you see.)


10.  When rarely-updated blogs finally put up a new post – it’s like mini-Christmas!


11.  Rows of shoes, lined up in tidy pairs.


12.  Have I mentioned tea?


13.  Deep, muted jewel tones.


14.  Thinking about all the fun things you’re going to do tonight, while a little piece of your mind remains cognizant that you’ll probably only manage about half of them.


15.  That feeling right after you realize that you truly did get something *exactly right*.


What do you love today?

5 responses to “Fifteen Things I Love, for November…10th.

  1. I love it when I make a from scratch recipe and it turns out exactly how my Grandmother would have made it 20 years ago!! I did this with a true from scratch chocolate pie last weekend. I have Joy of Cooking to thank:)

  2. I love how strong I feel after a good workout. I love organic produce. I love that an adoption application just came into my inbox for a dog who’s been in rescue for 4 years. I love bookshelves full of books that I may or may not have yet read. I love how sweet my pups are early in the morning and late at night. 🙂

  3. I also love lines of tidy paired shoes, there is something very calming about that much order. Glad you are finding joy in so many little things!

  4. Warm Towel Love: Folding warm from the dryer towels and putting them on the towel bar in the bathroom and in the closet. When I’m carrying them down the hall I put my nose in them. Sometimes, when I’m taking the towels out of the dryer and its cold in my basement, I’ll put one around my shoulders until I go upstairs. I don’t need drugs, I need warm towels.

    And my best ‘when its done’ feeling: right after I clean the litter box. I always think Sassy probably goes up to it and thinks “whew!!” She deserves the best.

    Oh, and warm, just made egg salad.

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