I’m old

I can’t believe this is even up for debate.


I mean, really.  How old am I?  25 or 95?  Yeesh.


OK so unless you’ve been living under a rock OR are an anti-Potter-ite, you know that this is coming out NEXT FRIDAY.


And surely you know HOW STINKIN’ EXCITED I AM.


So…the only question is, when to go?


Do we go to the midnight showing on Thursday night?  The rabid fangirl in me REALLY WANTS to do this.  But the adult in me (yes, there is one.  Yes, I let her out occasionally.) knows that I have to…y’know…get up and work on Friday morning.  And coming home at 3:00am on a Potter-induced adrenaline rush probably isn’t conducive to a productive workday following.




Do we go to a showing on Friday evening?  This is much more reasonable, and would cap off a week that already promises to be really awesome.  But how dull!  It just won’t be the same as going and being immersed in the crowd of dressed up supernerds, the anticipation…


Not to mention that this is my last chance to attend a HP midnight opening, since Jeff will be out of town next summer when Part II lands – so I’ll have to wait a day or two to see that one anyway.


Do I give myself one penultimate hurrah before the Harry Potter phenomenon winds down?


Are you going to a 12:01 show?  Or a later one?  Or not at all because you (mistakenly) think Harry Potter is lame?

9 responses to “I’m old

  1. Not at all: not because I think Harry Potter is lame, because I absolutely love HP, but because I just can’t stand crowded theaters, with all of the fighting for seats, and noisy people kicking the back of my chair etc. So I’ll wait a few weeks until the initital hysteria dies down and then go and see it when it’s quieter. I’m a complete misanthrope.

  2. I saw the word “Harry” out of the corner of my eye on facebook, and knew I had to click! Anyway, we aren’t seeing it at midnight – I think mostly because I don’t know anyone we’d go with and Kyle and I don’t have enough – gusto? – to go ourselves. We LOVE Harry, but also love sleep and not being tired at work … for Eclipse we saw it at midnight because other people had a group going, there was excitement, I caved to peer pressure because of said excitement, etc. For Harry, all my Harry friends (except Kyle) live out of town so I can’t see it with them anyway – so I think we’ll wait for the weekend and see it then. I personally like the crowds – not logistically, because it is really annoying with finding seats and all – but for the atmosphere. Everyone all together, excited about Harry, gasping/reacting together – it’s fun!

    Anyway – I say, if you want to go you should go. Adults stay up late, too! The only reason we aren’t is because I don’t feel a real desire to see it at midnight rather than the following night.

  3. Wouldn’t miss this movie for the world, but . . . I’ll just wait until it comes out on video and I can watch it with a dog’s chin on my knee. I’m with Amber on this one. The crowds and noise and commotion do not portend well for a movie where so much depends on suspension of disbelief.

  4. Um, I’m totally going to the midnight premier!! I have class til 8:30 on Thurs night then I’m driving to Olathe to meet up with my friend Lesley, then we’re going to see the movie at the AMC 30. Granted I don’t have to be anywhere until 10:30 Friday morning so I have a little bit more leeway. You should totally go to the midnight show! You only live once! It’s going to be epic. but if you want to be an adult about it, and you do decide to go at midnight you should get tickets ahead of time, it’ll probably be super crowded. That’s my two cents 🙂

  5. I went to all the Twilight showings at midnight. I’m 33..the next day at work was horrible but it was fun to be in amongst the “freaks.”


  7. We are going to a show on Friday evening. I got the books at midnight but the movies are strictly opening evening. We bought our tickets on Wednesday… now to find a sitter…

  8. I would go to the midnight.

    You can be a little tired for one day of work!!!

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