The Week of Awesome

Do you ever get so excited that you just want to flap your hands and jump in a circle and yip?  I’m like that.  Right now.


The only way I can convey this to you, is to express myself with lots! of! exclamation! points!  (Please read this narrative in Roxie’s voice.)


Tonight! I’m going to a concert!  (I’m wearing my Fluevog boots)


On Thursday night! I’m going to HARRY POTTER!  (I’ll be wearing my Ravenclaw scarf*.)


On Friday! I’m going to lunch and shopping! (someplace that I’ve never been, but which has been promised to be supercool.  I may dress accordingly.)


On Saturday! My mom is in town!  And we’re going to do fun stuff! (If all goes according to plan, I will be wearing awesome new jewelry.  RIGHT MOM?)


On Sunday! My mom will still be in town!  And we’re going to do more fun stuff! (etc)




And guess what Jeff gets to do?

Work on his note** for Law Review.  All week, and all weekend.

Poor Jeff.  He gets no exclamation points.


(Worse yet, he has to *live with* She Of Many Exclamation Points!.  Pity him.)



*I did finish it, eventually, in early 2008.  I just apparently failed to blog it.

**In lol-yer speak, “note” = “very long paper.”  I think they’re just being modest.


2 responses to “The Week of Awesome

  1. I love weeks like that!!!
    I am so envious that you are seeing Harry Potter thursday night!! With little baby can’t do that! We are going to wait a couple of weeks then see it on like a Tuesday evening~

  2. This is for Jeff: !

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