So remember how a few days ago I asked for your all’s opinion on things for my face?

And then remember (OK probably not) how the votes were equally divided among all three pairs?  And remember how you all offered amazing and helpful comments re: face shape, color, and other things that I rarely consider in my quest for OOHPRETTY?

OK.  Glad we’re now all up to speed.


So this is what I did.  I went to about a bajillionty more eyeglasses places, armed with commentary and hints from the 30-odd of you who offered opinions and advice (that’s commenters here + commenters on Two Closets + real life people + my mom’s vote counts twice ’cause she knows what’s better for me than I do).  And I got a pair of glasses.  And they’re not any of the ones I was considering in that post.  But I think you’ll approve anyway.


Here they are:

Good, right?


They’re dark red with green stripey shiny bits on the outside, and honey-colored on the inside.  So they don’t make me look even paler than I already do.  And the glasses people measured my pupils with a doohickey and ascertained that these are indeed the right size for my face (or something).  And for some reason they have Vera Wang’s name on them, even though they’re not a wedding dress.  Which I don’t get but whatever.  And I ❤ them hard.  (wedding dress or no)


Do they say “non-conforming post-non-conformist who’s kind of hippie-ish and altogether awesome and also isn’t Tina Fey” to you?


I hope so.


Plus they actually accentuate my eyes, rather than hide them.


Don’t ask how, ’cause I couldn’t tell ya.


So…glasses win?


Anyway – ❤ you.  You, my minions advisers, are the best glasses-picker-outers ever.


Now.  Go do my bidding and bring me a cookie.  Please.


PS>I went and got them on my lunch break yesterday, and then when I came back in the office three separate people looked at me and said, “There’s something different about you…it’s good…but I can’t tell what…?”.  Then I pointed at my glasses and they were like “OH YEAH. DURR.”  So I consider that a good thing – I think that means that they fit with my face and my look?  Or something.


6 responses to “Follow-up

  1. I like them. Good choice! Picking glasses is SO VERY HARD.

  2. Love ’em – yay! You look terrific!

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  4. I love them! They really suit you, great choice.

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