Contact High

My mom (and a friend of hers) was in town this weekend.  We ate Thai, successfully navigated old north St. Louis, laughed a lot, wandered around the Loop, watched Roxie’s tongue loll, and ate FroYo.


And we went to Knitorious and Knitty Couture.


Now, before I show you the inevitable, I would like you to refer to Provision 2 of the Yarn Diet Document.

2.  Yarn given to me as a gift, or for the purposes of test/sample knitting is OK.

You know where this is going.



Oh, yarn.  I love you.  I’ve missed you so very much.


This puts me a fair bit farther from my sub-goal of “have more ‘used’ yarns in my Ravelry stash than ‘in stash’ yarns”.  I was so close.


But with this influx of yarn comes an influx of inspiration and motivation, so with no further ado…


I’m off to knit.


Happy Sunday!


PS>Yes I have the best mom ever.

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