Someone – someone I work with – was very nice to me a few months ago.  Inordinately nice.  Unbelievably nice.

So I had to get back at her.

Traveling Woman + Malabrigo sock = REVENGE.

I am ruthless.

I am SO RUTHLESS, in fact, that I didn’t stop there.

I made Fishtail Wristwarmers, too.

BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.  ::pantomimed mustache twirl::

I wrapped them up in plain tissue paper and dropped them into the inter-department mail, along with an anonymous note written in my trademark purple pen.

That’ll teach her.




3 responses to “Sneaky

  1. You are EEEEEEE-VIL!

    (And totally awesome!)

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  3. That shawl looks like a bat! Cool stuff you have there!

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