Long Weekend Win

I don’t know about you all, but I have just had the most fum, relaxing, productive weekend of my life.


On Friday, at Jeff’s behest, we actually braved the crowds and went shopping.  (I would’ve been content to stay home and knit, y’know.)


Of course, he had a firm goal in mind…  (and it wasn’t $15 sweaters, $8 board games or $2 DVDs)


Here was our old set-up:


And then, one “heckuva deal at Target” later…

(the transport of which of course included the requisite grunting and snappishness and “we should’ve just brought my car”-ing (that was me*).  But we made it.)


Silly faces of elation were made:

(he’s going to kill me for that)


And finally…


So other than that, our weekend consisted of rearranging the living room (for the giant TV), watching Avatar on Blu-Ray (on the giant TV), buying more cables (for the giant TV), and other such giant TV-related pastimes.


I would like to reiterate, though, that just because we now have a giant TV, with millions of pixels and fairy dust and bajillion-color display and built in foot massager, does NOT mean that we’re “TV people”.  Of this I’m certain.


Giant TV installed, we settled into a comfy couchnest for the weekend’s real work:

One of us played video games (with an expression of great concentration).  The other of us knitted.  A lot.


I’ll let you figure out who was who.



I took that picture on Friday morning.  As of right now, the only yarn that’s yet un-knitted is that purple Fleece Artist Somoko there.  And it shall be knitted soon.  Very soon.


In the course of four knitting days, I made:

1 shawl

2 hats

1 pair fingerless gloves

1/2 a sock


I also watched:

6 episodes of The Office

3 episodes of 19 Kids and Counting

20+ episodes of The Simpsons

2 movies (Avatar and The Invention of Lying)

4 random documentaries about the Civil War, and/or Mayan ruins, and/or Anglo-Saxon gold, and/or Christopher Columbus


And I made cinnamon rolls:

(shown here before the second rise.  It was dark by the time they came out of the oven.)


So, in summary:

Giant TV


Cinnamon Rolls




How was your break?


*Because my car, a 15-year-old Mazda Protege, is actually quite mindfully designed and easily allows for hauling large, bulky objects.  Jeff’s (larger) Pontiac Grand Am, however, does not.  ENGINEERING FAIL.


5 responses to “Long Weekend Win

  1. Yay for Giant TVs! I feel shallow for saying that, but it is true. Giant TVs are awesome.

  2. You are a super hero.

    I knit one pattern repeat on a shrug that is already a week late on the birthday-present-o-meter. One. That’s six rows.

  3. Isn’t the Giant TV, well, a little bit too giant? I think I can see the glow of the screen from here, actually.

  4. BTW, I am a genuine, non-TV person.

  5. Wow! You really can knit really well (and fast). You made a shawl in just four days.. Amazing! I’m a fan! 😀

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