Ten on Tuesday

Wow, I really don’t have the blogging mojo lately, huh?  I guess it’s mostly that I’ve been knitting my fingers to the bone, while foregoing anything else bloggable.  And foregoing housework.  And foregoing social interaction.


But I’m not yet foregoing going to work or bathing, so I guess I’m still ahead.


I don’t always do Ten on Tuesday, but I thought today’s topic was apropos:


Ten Things On My To-Do List

1)Mail the Christmas cards – we (well, I.  But Jeff was there too.) signed and addressed them all last night.


2)Make a cheesecake for tomorrow night’s work party.


3)Block the {______} that I made for {______} and the {_______} for {_______}


4)Eat some more of these pfeffernusse that I got last night at Trader Joe’s.


5)Support Jeff in the last week of his finals.  This mainly consists of not pestering him.  Or trying not to, at least.  Much.


6)Clean the house, and tackle that mountain of dirty laundry.  I just figured out what happens when you don’t do those things for 2 weeks.  It ain’t purty.


7)Put up at least some of our holiday stuff.  Maybe.  I’m feeling a bit lazy and apathetic this year, and the cats haven’t yet figured out that you can’t eat a fake tabletop Christmas tree.  So what’s the point?


8)Stop feeling lazy and apathetic.


9)Come up with more things to blog about.  I do stuff.  I do!  Really!


10)Continue going to work.  And bathing.  And probably feeding the rest of the living beings in this house occasionally.


Well that was…enlightening.


One response to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Hi doll!! It’s been awhile since I’ve read the blog. I haven’t been in the blogging spirit or the Christmas spirit for that matter… glad to see I’m not the only one around. Hope your enjoying the bitter cold and not still riding the bike to work everyday. Take care and enjoy the knitting :)!

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